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Palletising Systems for the Storage and Transportation of Food and Beverages

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DAN-Palletiser delivers robotic solutions for the food processing industry that are able to palletise types of packaging such as buckets, crates and bottles.
The company has developed and delivered more than 1,000 robots worldwide, including custom-built models to meet the requirements of various production lines. It utilises 200 years of palletising experience to provide customers with efficient and easy-to-maintain solutions.
DAN-Palletiser’s systems help reduce production costs, improve logistics and increase production capacity to meet high-volume demands.

Optimised, custom-built palletiser solutions

DAN-Palletiser designs, manufactures, delivers and installs palletiser systems, as well as develops optimised solutions based on the customer’s plant capacity, production demands and manufacturing processes.
The company’s standard solution is simple and reliable. A single machine is able to run quarter, half and whole wooden or plastic pallets and new patterns can be easily programmed via the control panel.
DAN-Palletiser’s experts work closely with the customer to develop a custom layout and design, which are manufactured by the company’s qualified technicians. Skilled project managers ensure the order is delivered and installed efficiently.
The palletisers are also tested to ensure high-quality and high-performance.

Palletising solution for plastic trays or boxes

DAN-Palletiser’s fully automatic MK2 is suitable for processing plastic trays or boxes, handling fragile products such as bread, cake, vegetables and fruit.
The unit palletises trays in a wide range of sizes, stacking up to five trays with a maximum full pallet height of 180cm.

Handling storage boxes and open boxes

DAN-Palletiser’s multi-palletising MK8 robot processes both standard and open boxes.
Handling a range of sizes and shapes, the unit ensures efficient delivery of various pallet patterns. It also accurately aligns the stacking lugs on open boxes to provide a secure stack.
The MK8 palletises boxes from up to four production lines simultaneously, stacking up to three and a half layers a minute to a maximum height of 180cm.

Automated palletising machines for buckets

DAN-Palletiser’s MK4 is designed to handle plastic or metallic conical buckets.
The machine pushes the buckets onto the pallet without lifting by the lid, preventing an uneven stack or accidental opening. This enhances safety and stability, as well as reduces the risk of contamination and product loss.
The MK4 has a capacity of up to four rows of buckets a minute, stacking to a full pallet height of 160cm.

Palletising solutions for crates and trays in the food industry

DAN-Palletiser’s MK9 is suitable for stacking crates and trays carrying a wide range of products, including bread, vegetables, chilled goods, soft drinks and canned goods on pallets.
The machine ensures the crates and trays are accurately placed and that handles are correctly positioned to increase stability. It can also process shrink-wrapped trays.
The MK9 has a capacity of ten layers a minute up to a maximum pallet height of 220cm.

Handling bags and sacks for storage of flour and grains

DAN-Palletiser’s MK1-AI is suitable for processing bags and sacks containing fine grains.
The robot stacks the bags in a secure formation to increase stability and accessibility on the pallet. It can process up to two layers a minute to heights up to 160cm.

Automated palletising machines for bottles

DAN-Palletiser’s MK6 is a fully automatic solution for stacking bottles on pallets. The bottles can be packaged in a variety of configurations, including shrink-wrapped.
The MK6 handles up to three layers of packaged bottles a minute up to a total pallet height of 180cm.

De-palletising services for the food processing industry

DAN-Palletiser offers a de-palletising service for food companies in accordance with current legislation. The MK5 de-palletises and re-stacks goods packaged in crates, boxes or cartons, providing easy changeover without special operator training.
It is able to transfer goods between two pallets, providing a neat load with no gaps for secure transport through the supply chain. Once processed, pallets can be transported with a fork truck, with no additional work required.
DAN-Palletiser offers the MK5 on flexible rental or operational lease terms to suit short or long-term contracts. Maintenance and spare parts are included with these packages.

Spare parts, upgrades and repairs for palletising systems

DAN-Palletiser provides a large selection of spare parts and upgrades to provide plant managers with the flexibility to change aspects such as pallet dimensions and product packaging.
The company aims to consistently develop its machines, including mechanical and programmable logic controller (PLC) optimisations.
In addition, DAN-Palletiser’s repairs and maintenance services ensure the equipment is reliable and working at optimum performance to avoid costly downtime. This service includes the replacement of electronic and mechanical parts, as well as technical assistance online or on-site.
DAN-Palletiser’s online service ensures easy access to technical support, including the use of remote control and monitoring to identify errors. Phone support is also available after the warranty has expired.

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    Dan-Palletiser's MK product range includes nine units that are each specifically designed to handle different layers of product per minute and pallet patterns. 

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