As one of the world’s leading solution providers for logistics within the food industry, Interroll offers dedicated core technologies and products for storage and material handling in the food processing sector. Whether meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products, boxes, pallets or soft goods are to be handled, no other supplier has such a complete product range on offer. That is why system integrators, OEMs and operators select Interroll as their partner for their internal logistics business.

Food processing professionals looking for an outstanding solution for their material handling requirements can rely on Interroll. Our unique products for the food industry are fully compliant with all major hygiene requirements and regulations. From conveying goods to sorting and storing, Interroll has the right answer when it comes to the needs of the food sector. What’s more, thanks to their superior reliability and accuracy, Interroll products will help you grow your business by reducing costs and increasing productivity at the same time.

Hygienic logistics solutions for the food sector

Both in ‘open food processing’ or in the later stage when food has been processed and needs to be packed in containers and boxes, stored at the right temperature and distributed to retail locations worldwide, Interroll can offer outstanding, hygienic solutions to help you achieve optimal throughput times, space and energy savings and accurate tracking.

Synchronous drum motors

The Interroll synchronous drum motor is one of the most powerful and energy-efficient conveyor belt drives ever developed. It combines the benefits of the asynchronous drum motor with the superior efficiency of a permanent magnet synchronous motor and the end result is an extremely compact, high torque and dynamic drive with an outstanding total energy efficiency of 82% running at a maximum temperature of 45°C.

The synchronous drum motor can be cleaned and disinfected to an optimal level in less than half the time it takes to clean a typical gear motor. This not only guarantees important savings in time and energy but also reduces the usage of cleaning agents and water. So, your clean-up operations will be faster, more cost-effective and will result in a lower impact on your energy bill.

The new hygienic and easy-to-install synchronous drum motors offer peak performance, zero maintenance and long-term reduction in operating costs.

Conveyor rollers, roller drives and controls

Conveyor rollers, 24V roller drives and controls: our product portfolio represents a proven quality standard for efficient material flow across all continents.

Interroll solutions convey, accumulate, insert, remove and combine goods. They are driven by power or gravity, with or without accumulation pressure. Our easy to install drive solutions are ideal for new equipment or to refurbish existing conveyors. They are quality products that will pay for themselves and that you can rely on.

Dynamic storage solutions for fast-moving goods

Interroll offers an efficient and user-friendly dynamic storage solution that operates without energy. It is designed for fast-moving goods (e.g. groceries) that have to be picked and quickly conveyed to consumers, just in time.

The principle is as simple as it is ingenious. It is known as FIFO (first in – first out) and guarantees that what has been stored first is also picked first. LIFO (last in – first out) is when what has been stored last is picked first. It means making maximum use of minimal space. The picking times can scarcely be beaten.

If you are operating a warehouse with conventional pallet racking and a fast throughput of stock, Interroll dynamic storage provides you with the right solution to achieve increased efficiencies, such as:

  • Space saving – maximises available storage area by reducing the number of aisles
  • Faster throughput of stock with minimum handling
  • Accurate stock rotation using FIFO
  • Shorter travel times increase order picking performance and improve productivity
  • Separate loading and order picking aisles increases safety

We also supply lanes for chilled (0/5°C) and deep freeze (-28°C) environments (storage of frozen food or fresh products). Interroll’s cold-storage modules are tested to withstand harsh temperatures and still provide smooth and even pallet movement.

Conveyor modules and subsystems

Food products must be delivered on time to the correct destination. This requires a performance-based logistics system with economical material flow solutions. Interroll’s innovative conveyor modules and subsystems include:

  • Crossbelt sorters
  • Belt curves, merges and diverters
  • Intelliveyor conveyor modules with zero-pressure accumulation
  • Roller conveyors and belt conveyors

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