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For the past 80 years, Jonge Poerink Conveyors has been building its business around its customers’ needs. Food manufacturers need reliable conveyors with high capacity and maximum hygiene. At the state-of-the-art Jonge Poerink Conveyors production plant in Borne (the Netherlands), we create conveyors that will improve your yield, reduce your costs and help your business to grow.

Curve conveyor manufacturing services

Jonge Poerink has a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of curves and conveyors. For 80 years Jonge Poerink has distinguished itself in the market by providing the right curve conveyor for every application. With its knowledge of the processes and needs of the food processing industry, Jonge Poerink has made innumerable innovations over the years.

Constant improvement of its products, service and support make Jonge Poerink Conveyors one of the world’s leading conveyor companies.

Efficient, cost-effective, integrated food production conveyors

What really matters in the modern, efficient and cost-effective production line is the capacity of the conveyor. Conveyors that are not precisely integrated into a production line can reduce productivity. That is why leading food industry producers choose conveying equipment made by Jonge Poerink, the ‘innovators of efficiency’.

Jonge Poerink Conveyors has the perfect solution to accelerate your production time, optimise use of available floor space and make production more cost-effective.

Compact high-capacity conveyors

If you want to boost your productivity but floor space is limited, your best choice is the JP HD (heavy-duty) high-capacity conveyor. Jonge Poerink’s engineers have developed the JP HD with speed and floor space in mind. The strong hybrid conveyor belt with maximum grip allows high-speed conveying, even in tight curves, for unit loads such as six packs, trays, crates, boxes and cans. The powerful drive ensures high capacities and gives you more uptime.

The conveyor is ideal for high-capacity conveyance of heavy loads, thanks to its stainless-steel conveyor body. The strength of this conveyor means that you convey more unit loads per hour and make maximum use of your production capacity. With belt speeds of up to 60m/min and loads up to 50kg/m, a JP HD conveyor can increase your conveying capacity considerably.

The compact design optimises your floor capacity. JP HD conveyors have a standard curve radius of just 500mm. The compact conveyor will fit any plant design. The fact that the JP HD has a standardised module for vertical conveying enables you to increase your efficiency still further.

Hygienic conveyors and components

Hygienic plant and components are the decisive factors in ensuring food safety. That’s why Jonge Poerink Conveyors offers curves and conveyors with maximum hygiene. The conveyors have an open design, are equipped with an easy-to-clean conveyor belt and need no lubrication.

If you need to span different heights on a minimum of floor space, up and down, the JP FD is your best choice. This conveyor also has an open design and is equipped with the Advantage 200 modular plastic belt with stainless-steel rods. The conveyor has a guide bearing that ensures a very low friction coefficient. As lubrication is not needed, the JP FD is the ideal conveyor for the food processing industry. The JP FD is a reliable conveyor which needs a minimum of maintenance.

Minimal downtime and conveyor servicing

Jonge Poerink’s motto is ‘the best service is no service needed’. With 80 years of conveyor experience, Jonge Poerink knows its customers’ needs. The Jonge Poerink engineers know the importance of trouble-free running. The technology is reliable and proven. This is the best guarantee that the conveyors will run every day and everywhere, so your downtime is minimal.

Most of Jonge Poerink’s conveyors are lubricated for life. What little maintenance is needed can be done easily. Due to the open design of the conveyors, all parts are very easily accessible. The open conveyor bodies and the use of easy-to-clean conveyor belts make the conveyors excellent for the food processing industry.

The conveyors and belts have a high chemical resistance, so cleaning and disinfection with different chemicals is possible.

Easy-to-assemble conveyors for fast installation

To reduce the downtime that you encounter when you install a new conveyor to a minimum, Jonge Poerink Conveyors develops and produces installations that are easy to install. The JP HD conveyor, for example, can be assembled in five simple steps.

You can be sure of years of trouble-free running with Jonge Poerink conveyors due to their reliable construction and the high quality of the parts.

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