Mount Steelcraft Engineering (MSC) specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of screw conveyor systems and materials handling machinery. MSC also manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of screw conveyor components comprised of auger flighting, auger troughs and related accessories.

Screw conveyors and conveyor systems

MSC manufactures a range of screw conveyors and conveyor systems, including U trough conveyors, tube conveyors, coreless screw conveyors, keyhole conveyors, paddle conveyors, belt conveyors, vertical conveyors, variable pitch screw conveyors, twin shaft conveyors, double flighted conveyors, ribbon conveyors and chiller conveyors.

Immersion chillers

MSC offers an auger-based immersion chilling system suitable for vacuum-packed beef products, unpackaged poultry and any other vacuum-packed food product. These immersion chillers combine AgResearch MIRINZ Centre research with smart engineering to deliver a practical chilling system for hot or cold boning operations.

Augers and flighting

Sectional flighting is manufactured from mild steel and abrasive-resistant steel or stainless-steel plate to the precise diameter and helicoid form of one single pitch. Accurate manufacture ensures fast and efficient assembly on to any pipe diameter, and sectional flights are available in right or left hand.

Auger troughs and casings

Auger trough sections and casings can be up to 4m long and up to 12mm thick. Materials used include mild steel, bisalloy, stainless steel, 3CR12 and 5CR12. Auger troughs and casings available from MSC include:

  • Standard screw conveyor trough
  • Deep screw conveyor trough
  • Flared screw conveyor trough
  • Hold down ‘U’ shape auger trough
  • Flared auger trough with hold down
  • Hexagonal screw conveyor trough
  • Screw conveyor split casing
  • Auger trough lid

Ribbon mixers, continuous double agitator mixers and vertical mixers

Ribbon mixers are ideal for dry materials where rapid fine mixing of small percentages of critical ingredients with bulk material is required. Operation is clean and dustless. Single or double ribbon and paddle type agitators are available to suit specific applications.

Continuous double agitator mixers have a reputation as the most versatile mixers. These horizontal machines will handle continuous mixing of materials, from dry materials to those with substantial liquid contents. Capacities are up to 60m³/hr.

Vertical mixers save floor space and power, and are easily loaded and self cleaning. A special ‘Thru-Flo’ baffle ensures uniform mixing and recirculation of materials.

Bucket elevators

MSC bucket elevators feature an elevating bucket that has a special shape in order to operate in combination with an elevator head to discharge centrifugally without the pulsing normally associated with bucket elevators.

The angle of buckets on the elevator belt ensures complete bucket filling, while the bucket shape allows for more buckets per lineal metre of elevator belt. Many existing elevators may be increased in capacity by up to 100% using MSC elevator heads and Starco buckets.

Materials handling gates and diverters

MSC manufactures a range of materials handling gates and diverters, including slide gates, three-way diverters and turn heads.

MSC slide gates and three-way diverters are manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or lineal electrically operated, and are suitable for powders and granulated products, and meat and dairy products.

MSC turn heads are manually operated or electrically driven, and suitable for powders and granulated products.

Materials graders and sifters

Rotary sifters have a capacity of up to 60t/hr and are suitable for meat meals, powders, granulated material, etc.

Grading sifters have a capacity of up to 20t/hr and are suitable for grains, dry powders, dry granulated materials, etc.

MSC hammermills are available in models ranging from 10hp to 150hp. They can handle up to 15t/hr and their throughput depends on screen size.