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Conveyor Systems for the Food Processing and Packaging Industry

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Nercon manufactures conveyor systems for the food processing and packaging industry. We serve Fortune 500 food and consumer goods manufacturers based out of North America. In food processing operations, Nercon’s equipment enables more effective and faster wash down efficiencies.

We are a manufacturing company that has great competency in engineering and building conveyor systems for food and consumer products manufacturers. We provide equipment that best fits the customer’s needs and requirements for each project. Our conveying products include tabletop conveyors, mat-style systems and belt conveyor systems. We also offer a full line of elevators, inclines, accumulators and laning and diverting equipment.

A conveyor manufacturer with decades of food handling experience

The foundation of our competencies is application engineering. Nercon’s conveyor controls engineers and managers have decades of food handling experience in application-based conveyor solutions.

Nercon’s capabilities can get your new product to market faster than most custom-build competitors. If required, our facilities and processes offer complete testing of your project to your requirements before it is shipped. As a result, Nercon’s projects that utilize our factory acceptance tests (FAT) are proven to have much faster start-ups than conveyor manufacturers that do not provide the service.

Our electrical controls group has considerable experience in bringing optimum results for packaging lines. We have an established UL panel shop, we wire to actual job panels during testing, and we have long-term relationships with leading-edge manufacturers of controls hardware and software. Nercon is also a machine-builder partner with Rockwell Automation.

We have extensive manufacturing and fabrication capabilities. There is no dependency on sub-contractors, which allows us to produce equipment and components faster and have greater control over the process.

Sanitary conveyors for food handling

There are two significant trends affecting sanitary conveyor construction: firstly, governmental compliance regulations continue to be more stringent and, secondly, companies are looking to cut cost on capital purchases as well as maintenance and cleaning. Nercon’s engineering and fabrication teams work together to enhance manufacturing processes, innovate on conveyor design and converge on universal components to create engineering efficiencies and better price points.

The result is an offering of six levels of sanitary conveyor construction designs. These levels help food manufacturers leverage conveyor construction types when investing in food plant automation equipment. Nercon’s food handling equipment specialists help purchasing teams to match the right equipment to the right production application.

Sanitary and clean room conveying equipment

Nercon supplies sanitary and clean room conveying equipment that is engineered and built to governmental regulations as required by specifications. Recognizing that compliance can be different among plants in the same corporation, as well as plant-specific cleaning procedures and processes, Nercon’s approach is to build conveyor systems to the agency compliance in collaboration with the food safety specialist. Nercon works with the project team to increase cleaning efficiencies and effectiveness whenever possible.

For more information please visit our website for videos, white papers and slide shows on food handling and clean room conveyor systems.

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