A Danish privately-owned company, SEMI-STAAL has developed a comprehensive range of semi- and fully automatic systems for the cleaning and handling of returnable packaging inside the food- and non-food industry. We manufacture crate washers, box washers, bin washers, tub washers, pallet washers and handling equipment.

SEMI-STAAL has a proven track record in providing washing and handling equipment for food-processing companies. We possess the technology and know-how to improve your production and hygiene standards. Our focus on innovation ensures that we are always ahead of developments and able to meet the exact needs of our customers.


SEMI-STAAL started out in the mid 1970s with standalone low capacity crate washers for the fish industry. Concurrently with the increasing requirements for higher capacity, hygiene and automation, SEMI-STAAL has gone from being a machine supplier to a solution provider.

This transaction has enabled SEMI-STAAL to assemble a highly qualified and experienced group of personnel. Our staff has accumulated extensive industry knowledge and know-how over the years. They are ready and willing to supply you with first class cleaning and material handling solutions.

Every machine delivered from SEMI-STAAL is minutely designed down to the smallest detail (filter systems, spraying header systems, selection of pump pressures, component selections, temperature settings and choice of detergents, just to mention a few examples).

Regarding choice of materials, all our machines are made of stainless steel 18/8-AISI 304 (optionally AISI 316).


SEMI-STAAL delivers custom-made systems that are modified to meet the specific needs and requirements of the individual client, based on modular machine components. This commitment to customisable products has been sustained over many years and is the basis for our increasing number of customers worldwide.


Our innovative research and development work and high-quality and extensive product range makes SEMI-STAAL a natural choice when it comes to investing in new semi- or fully automatic solutions for the cleaning and handling of returnable packaging.

Our home page will provide you with more detailed specifications of our products. If the above has made you interested in hearing more about our products, or if you need a fully updated reference list, you are always welcome to contact us.