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HACCP Conveyor and Processing Belts

Forbo Siegling Pty Ltd,
15-16 Walker Place,
Wetherill Park (Sydney),
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Conveyor and processing belts

Forbo Siegling (established in 1919) is part of the Forbo Movement systems division of Forbo group and a worldwide leading manufacturer of conveyor and processing belts made from modern synthetic materials.
Forbo Siegling pays special attention to the requirements of the food processing industry, tailoring a special range of HACCP conveyor and processing belts to ensure food is produced, processed and packaged efficiently and hygienically.

Belts for dough processing, beverages, meat, dairy and more

The main industries serviced by Forbo Siegling in the food segment can be classified as below.
Dough processing: cookies/crackers; bread/buns; artisan breads; bagels; croissants; panned baked sweet goods (pies, cakes, muffins); sheet baked/formed sweet goods (brownies, filled pastries); fried sweet goods (doughnuts); flat dough (pizza, pita, tortillas); dry and fresh pasta; tortilla chips; pretzels; noodles.
Beverage / packaging: breweries; soft drinks; bottled water; wineries; coffee; distilled spirits; bottled/dry mix sports drinks, fruit drinks, energy drinks; OEMs of packaging machines of foodstuff, transport of bottles/boxes on e.g. non-food belts, beverages (e.g. bottling plants).
Confectionery: chocolate and non-chocolate confections; granola, cereal, and other bar preparations; chewing gum; breath mints.
Meat / poultry / seafood: beef, pork, fowl slaughter and further processing; fresh/frozen RTE meals (bacon, deli meats, packaged sandwiches, canned meat preparations); alternative preparations (sausages, patties, etc.); wet and dry pet foods; fish processing, shellfish; egg processing.
Dairy: cheeses; butter; frozen dairy (ice cream); liquid dairy (milk); unclassified dairy based foods.
Agricultural products: fruit, vegetable, grain harvesting and processing; fruit and vegetable packing houses and fresh/frozen/canned fruit and vegetable preparations; fresh/frozen fruit and vegetable RTE meal preparations (i.e. soups, microwavable preparations); pre-packaged salads; nut processing; fruit/vegetable/nut savoury/salty snacks (i.e. nut preparations, potato chips, trail mix); rice processing; fruit and vegetable, nut further processing (i.e. dried fruits, apple sauce, honey, tomato pastes/sauce/catsup, etc.); floral growers/processors.
Cereal: cold and hot cereal preparations; corn, wheat, rice, oat, granola cold cereal preparations; oatmeal, porridge, etc. hot cereal preparations.
Pharmaceutical: prescription and non-prescription medications; nutritional supplements (vitamins, medicinal herbs); medical devices and implants; cosmetics (mfg. only); dental care products; biotechnology, medicine, (but no pharm. distribution centres).

Conveyor belts for the complete food industry

Services offered:

  • Stock and supply of conveyor belts for the complete food industry
  • On-site installation of belts – countrywide
  • 24/7 service call out facility
  • Three key branches in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane regions with supply and service partners in Perth, Adelaide and other state and regional centres

Products and services – food processing and conveying

Processing methods and conditions are as varied as the range of foods consumed. Apart from basic conveying and other applications, the four main product groups for the food industry are geared towards the special requirements of different processing applications.
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History of Forbo Siegling Pty Ltd

Forbo Siegling Pty Ltd initially commenced operations in the Sydney suburb of Auburn in 1985. The company, which has 38 full-time employees, now operates from the head office and a modern warehouse and fabrication centre in Wetherill Park, NSW, with branches in Victoria (Melbourne) and Queensland (Brisbane). In addition, the company has in excess of 12 dealers servicing various regions within Australia offering 24/7 breakdown services primarily to the end users.
Since 1 January 1994 Forbo Siegling Pty Ltd has been 100% owned by Forbo Siegling GmbH, Hannover.

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