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Regal Beloit Corporation’s System Plast® brand stands for high-quality conveyor systems comprising chains and a modular, plastic belt.
Designed to achieve sustainability, System Plast products help to reduce the total cost of ownership through continuous improvement activities. Support is also provided through strong technical capabilities.
This range of products is designed, manufactured, and sold by Regal Beloit Corporation (Regal). The company has a wide network of manufacturing and service centres worldwide.

Flat top modular belts for sideflexing

The new System Plast technology features a range of flat top, modular belt conveyors that offer solutions for sideflexing applications. Used to handle large numbers of bottles or cans for areas of more than 10ft, they are available in a variety of different widths, pitches, and thicknesses.
The System Plast Flat Top modular belt is suitable for conveying glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers, including PET bottles. It is also compatible with a system featuring magnetic curves.
In addition, the system’s short pitch allows for in-line transfers. Its surface is also solid, which makes it ideal for products with low-contact area bases.
Other available belts include the System Plast Perforated Top and the System Plast Rubber Top.

Molded sprockets and idlers for smooth conveyor systems

The molded sprockets are designed and manufactured by Regal to a high standard. They are made to be efficient, with superior strength, long wear, and quiet operation.
The sprocket’s reinforced design ensures strong performance and reduced noise levels. Strength is also improved, alongside a high chemical resistance.
The company also offers toothed sprockets and idlers, as well as idler wheels in molded and machined polyamide designs.

Magnetic curves for dry-running applications

As part of the System Plast® conveyor system, the company has designed a magnetic curve retention component for dry-running applications in the food and beverage industry.
This unit incorporates a metallic strip, which retains the conveyor’s chains within the system despite heavy pressures and high speeds. The Dual Magnetic System chains and curves provide an efficient and flexible solution.
In addition, the design allows for easy removal of chains from the curve for cleaning and maintenance.

Material handling bottling solution

Regal’s System Plast conveyor solution is used to improve efficiency in the food and beverage industries. These systems are designed to simplify material handling operations in bottling plants, preventing leaks and downtime.
The helical-bevel gear motor reduces energy loss by up to 40%, while a variable speed AC drive provides soft-starting to reduce product breakage. These are combined with a modular, plastic belt, which removes the need for soap and water lubrication.
The conveyor solution’s gear drive is available in up to 11 sizes, with motors of variable speeds. Designed to be easy-to-clean, the motors meet the sanitation requirements of the food industry. They are suitable for applications where motors are commonly exposed to moisture, humidity, or corrosive chemicals.