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Polymer-Based Hose and Hose Assemblies

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Hose and hose assemblies from Trelleborg Industrial Hose are dedicated to transporting fluids and materials, providing end-users with the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions. Trelleborg Industrial Hose is a global industrial company developing world-leading solutions in advanced polymer technology.

Low and medium-pressure industrial hose

Trelleborg research and development centres around the world are constantly searching for new and better solutions for sealing, damping and protecting. Thanks to extensive knowledge of our customers and their industries, Trelleborg Industrial Hose is able to provide unrivalled expertise and comprehensive application knowledge.

With over 700 employees and its head office located in Clermont-Ferrand (France), Trelleborg Industrial Hose is the European leader of low and medium-pressure industrial hose based on polymer technology. Trelleborg Industrial Hose offers a very large range of products which meet requirements for all types of application for your different businesses.

Rubber hoses and assemblies

Trelleborg Industrial Hose is organised around four application areas:

  • Industrial maintenance: a complete range of rubber hoses, assemblies and industrial ducting to meet all your industrial maintenance needs
  • Chemical and petrochemical: whatever the chemical you want to transfer, there is a rubber hose in the Trelleborg range
  • Construction and environment: a range of technical, specialised and innovative rubber hoses
  • Agriculture and food: a complete range of rubber hoses and assemblies for transfer of any liquid and solid food products, without phthalates and complying with the most stringent requirements for contact with foodstuffs (French and German legislations, FDA)

Trelleborg Industrial Hose products offer guaranteed hygiene, safety and reliability.

Rubber hoses for the food industry

From the outside one hose looks just the same as the other. However, beneath its outer surface advanced technology makes these vital lines integral to any processing system. Innovative rubber hoses are used throughout the food industry.

Whether for transferring milk from farm to factory, for washing down food production areas or for filling barrels with wine, food-use hoses play a key role in the production of virtually everything we eat or drink.

Hose systems for milk processing lines

Trelleborg offers a particularly efficient range of hoses for food processing applications; for example, the Trelleborg hose system for milk processing offers optimal strength and flexibility particularly with three main hoses: Citerdial, Lactadial, and Alikler.

Citerdial is the ideal hose for milk collection. Natural rubber affords unmatched flexibility. It tolerates very small bending radius without kinking, making it easy to use on hose reels. The sturdy, braided textile-reinforced construction makes the Citerdial extremely resistant to stretch damage. It can tolerate temperature changes, and maintains its flexibility even at low temperatures.

Milk trucks can make as many as 50 milk stops per day, which is not a problem when they are equipped with automatic rollers to extend and recoil the hoses. However, many drivers are obliged to manipulate the hoses themselves, which can make for backbreaking work.

Our latest innovation, Lactadial, combines all the qualities of Citerdial with lighter weight (-20%).

Rubber hose for unloading applications

At the dairy’s reception hall, Alikler is the ideal hose for unloading applications.

Alikler takes over the operation from the tank truck’s Citerdial hose. Alikler has characteristics designed for fixed installations with higher pressure resistance.

In cases where the trucks may run over and dramatically damage the hoses, our Alikler D will be the solution as it will resist accidental crush and recover its shape under pressure.

Whichever hose you select, equipped with Trelleborg’s specially designed swaged-on fittings (most commonly used types are all available; SMS; DS; RJT; DIN, etc.) it guarantees an efficient and long life-time connection and prevents any harm during handling.

When associated with our patented rubber-coated nut, hand tightening is optimal while protecting against possible burns.

You will always be satisfied with the performance of Trelleborg’s hose assemblies.

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