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Industrial Washing Machines and Dryer Systems

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Unikon develops, builds and sells industrial washing machines and drying systems for a large range of production, packaging and transportation equipment.

Our range of standard models is built in our manufacturing warehouse, allowing us the freedom to completely build the washing machine according to the client’s specifications. Each machine is constructed using stainless steel, including the pumps, and in accordance with the applicable standards.

Industrial crate washing machine

Unikon’s crate washer is an ideal choice for clients wanting a machine that is manually controlled or automatic and can efficiently clean large volumes of crates. Our manufacturing team has gained extensive experience customising crate washers to contain the most popular features, including industrial washing of crates featuring different dimensions, washing multiple-sized crates and crates that contain a broad spectrum of contamination.

Although those are the most popular customisation designs, our manufacturing team is able to accommodate more specialised requests. The crate washers can be installed as a fully integrated feature of the production system or as a standalone machine. Clients should contact us today for a tailor-made service and pricing quote.

Pallet / divider washers

Unikon offers a fully specialised service for the manufacture of pallet and divider washes. Our washing units clean an average of 50 to 100 pallet units an hour without compromising on hygiene standards. We understand that pallets and dividers are heavily contaminated after frequent use and that not all companies use the same number of pallets a day. This is why Unikon’s pallet and divider washers can be fully customised, from the size of the washer to the inner components, to ensure we match our client’s standardisations.

Container washing machines

Containers are manufactured in all shapes and sizes, which is why Unikon only produces container washers to each customer’s container specifications. Our company can tailor a client’s container washer according to size and the quantity cleaned each day, whether it is large volume or only a few. Clients also have the option to choose between manual or automatic controls, and each industrial washing machine can be customised to match the client’s standardisation regulations.

Cabinet washers

Unikon’s cabinet washers are renowned for their robust durability and high-quality manufacture; each unit is made from stainless-steel pumps and premium raw materials.

Each cabinet washer is built to accommodate a wide range of products, from transportation and packaging equipment to production line equipment and utensils. If a customer requires a unit that is outside of those dimensions, then Unikon’s team of manufacturers can provide a tailor-made quotation.

Trolley washers

Compared with other trolley washing systems, Unikon’s trolley washer unit is unique in that it can clean a large variety of trolleys on all sides. Our advanced system uses a moving wash frame that transports the trolley inside the machine, where it is cleaned on all sides by nozzles and according to the washing time and power requested by the client to achieve their ideal cleaning solution. Clients can choose between a hand-operated trolley washer and an automatic unit, and tailored options are also available upon request.

Dry / blowing systems

After equipment is washed, some standardisation regulations require them to be dried before reuse. Unikon’s dry / blowing systems use air knives that can circumvent warm or cold air depending on the client’s preference, to ensure the equipment is back in the production process with minimal delay. Clients also have the option of integrating their Unikon dry / blowing system within their industrial washing machine unit for a seamless cleaning process.

White Papers

  • UNW 3000: Efficient Crate Washing

    The UNW series is efficient with water and energy. In the main wash zone all contamination is removed thoroughly because of the extremely powerful pivoting spray system.

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