Sardik offers high-quality mixing equipment and services suitable for the food processing industry.
We offer a large range of industrial mixers to suit the customer’s requirements and will build to the sizes and specifications required. We achieve such high-quality results based on our engineering design practices, innovation and over 65 years of experience in mixer design.

Portable mixers for food processing

Sardik’s portable range has various configurations of up to 2.2kW, including G-Clamp mount mixers, IBC frame mount and pipe stands. Sardik portable mixers are available with a range of mixing impellers to suit individual customer requirements. We offer a short lead-time on standard models.

Made to order industrial-size mixers

Utilising the latest in 3D modelling and CFD, along with our in-house Mixer Design Program, we customise each mixer to suit individual customer needs. We provide solutions for all fluid-mixing scenarios.

Top entry mixers for the food industry

Our top entry mixers range from 0.37kW up to 150kW. Our Heavy Duty mixer range are fitted SEW Gearboxes and we can supply impellers up to five metres in diameter. All wetted components are made from 316 or 2,205 stainless-steel. They can be constructed completely solid or with pipe shafts. What sets Sardik mixers apart from our competition is the addition of a support bearing which reduces unnecessary wear on gearbox bearings and seals.

Uses of Sardik Mixers

Our mixers are used extensively by industry throughout Australia and the Pacific in sectors such as food, water purification and wastewater treatment. Other companies, such as those who specialise in cosmetics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and mining also benefit from our mixing equipment.

Mines using industrial multipurpose mixers

We have been producing mixing equipment for the mining industry for decades, with our mixers being used expansively in mines not only throughout Australia but also across the world. Some locations include:
• Carborough Downs Coal (Vale/Ausenco) in Queensland
• Goro Nickel (Vale) in New Caledonia
• Iluka Mineral Resources in Eucla, South Australia
• Ivanhoe Mines in Mongolia, China
• London Mining in Sierre Leone
• Windimurra Vanadium in Mount Magnet, Western Australia

About Sardik

Sardik is an Australian company which was established in 1947. The company focuses on the needs of the customer, design of mixers, quality assurance including Research and Development for fluid mixing and manufacturing as well as processing applications to suit every industry.
With over 65 years of experience in manufacture and agitator design, Sardik provides high-end mixing equipment and services adhering to each customer’s specific requirements.
We use the latest in computer systems for the design and selection of mixing apparatus. The systems, coupled with our Mission Critical Quality Assurance (MCQA) programme, are integrated with our well-equipment manufacturing plants, guaranteeing the high quality equipment we have become recognised for.