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Natural Sodium-reduced Sea Salt

Saltwell is leading the way in sodium reduction in food products worldwide.

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Saltwell is leading the way in sodium reduction in food products worldwide.

The company offers an alternative to standard salt that consists of a natural combination of sodium, potassium, and trace minerals in each grain. This makes it a better and more nutritional choice while also maintaining the natural function and taste of sea salt.

Sea salt with reduced sodium

Saltwell’s product is a natural sea salt with 35% less sodium than traditional salt, making it ideal as a substitute for the real thing.

Unlike other manufactured salt blends, Saltwell naturally contains potassium, sodium and trace minerals within the same grain. Meaning it performs and tastes like standard salt.

Salt reduction for health-conscious consumers

While many low-sodium salts are blended artificially with potassium chloride, Saltwell is natural and comes with the benefit of a true clean label.

While health-conscious consumers may be wary of technical-sounding ingredients and associated the with health risks, when using Saltwell only naturally reassuring declarations like ‘sea salt’, ‘salt’, or ‘reduced sodium salt’ need to appear on the packaging.

Approved and distributed worldwide

As a fully natural product, Saltwell meets the highest food safety standards and is approved by the FDA and is BRC, Halal and Kosher certified, as well as GFSI-recognised.

In addition, Saltwell’s quality has been globally recognised with certification to ISO 22000, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 standards.

Saltwell is currently used in the US, Canada, UK, Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, and Australia by 1000s of producers, both large and small. It is exported and accepted globally.

About Saltwell

Saltwell is part of Salinity Group, which has extensive experience with salt products dating back to 1830.

The company is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, with additional business units in the US, Chile, and Cyprus.

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