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Flexible Packaging - Bags, Pouches and Plastic Packaging

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A&M Packaging is one of Australia’s leading flexible packaging manufacturers, supplying the highest quality bags, pouches and plastic packaging to many of the leading brands in Australia.
Formed in 1990, A&M Packaging has developed a reputation for the highest quality standards, service levels and flexibility, ensuring the right product is created to the exact standards required.
We deliver innovative, effective packaging to meet our customers’ needs in a wide range of market sectors ranging from confectionary, fresh produce, bakery, ready meals, meat, cheese, frozen foods, herbs and spices, and dry and wet foods through to security packaging and large sacks used in wholesale and DIY retail for fertilisers and environmental products.

Packaging co-extrusion and lamination and film lidding

A&M Packaging offers a true end-to-end technical service for flexible packaging, starting with co-extrusion of up to 12 layer construction, ensuring the right barrier properties are built into any specification to ensure freshness, protection and shelf longevity.
A&M Packaging’s in-house lamination division further supports this offer in developing the perfect film construction, print protection, and protection and preparation for the bag construction stage. Film lidding is a major area of the business and large-scale investment in this area has ensured efficiencies and quality return with every job.

Print consultancy support

Design to print affects virtually every person in a project and can be a very frustrating, time-consuming and confusing section of the process. A&M Packaging offers print consultancy support to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible.
Supporting the design stage to ensure printability, managing the artwork construction and sign off procedures, helping you get the best possible printed results on press – A&M Packaging is with you every step of the way.

Flexo and gravure printing

A&M Packaging offers both flexo and gravure for its printed materials, with up to ten colours for flexo and 12 colours for gravure using the latest screening technologies, offering the best possible printed results and prices.
The company’s print consultancy service ensures printed rewind material stays within accepted measured tolerances, with every run providing brand consistency for the consumer and giving you confidence in A&M Packaging’s products and services.

Polymer / metallised bag conversion

Bag conversion is the backbone of the business and A&M Packaging has built a portfolio that is second to none in both range and innovative solutions.
The hybrid machines used to make these structures offer a much wider range of options in both polymer and metallised materials, and a combination of the two, as well as paper laminate, and ‘add ons’ such as zips, tear nicks, handles, hole punches, valve systems, stand up constructions and tamper-evident elements to ensure your product is optimally functional.

Resealable packaging for coffee and dry products

A&M Packaging has developed business partnerships with key global businesses to further broaden its offer in the coffee and dry product sectors, where breathability and stay fresh is of vital importance, with improved single and two-way valve technologies. In addition, a focus on social responsibility has always been a key concern with A&M Packaging and new technology offers in seal and reseal systems are making a positive introduction to the market.
Many of the partners to which A&M Packaging supplies have developed their range due to the ability, personal attention and wide range of products available from us, whether it is coffee pouches, lidding films or large bulk carrier sacks.

Warehouse service for printed material

In addition to manufacturing material and converting, A&M Packaging offers a warehouse service that gives customers flexibility in stock control and enables them to reap the benefits of holding printed material that can be produced as printed laminated stock to demand.
The primary advantage for our customers is the advantage gained in savings through large runs without the concern of stock holding; A&M Packaging can manage a minimum of 100-400 pallet spots for a minimal charge.

Working with A&M Packaging

A&M Packaging has developed a business structure that can respond to most clients’ needs, with a friendly business approach and technical support that answers any challenge.
A&M Packaging’s ‘hybrid’ bag making machines are the most versatile in Australia, allowing a flexibility and broad spectrum of range that puts them at the top of a very specialist yet competitive market.
A&M Packaging holds no generic materials on shelf; every product we are asked to package receives our personal attention and consideration regarding specification – we supply nothing that is less than fit for purpose.

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