Packaging solutions for confectionery and snacks.

A.M.P Rose provides a wide range of packaging and processing solutions for confectionery and snacks, including slab bar forming lines, chocolate melters, moulding lines, and laboratory ranges for small-scale production and food trials.
The company also sells second-hand units, including equipment for tempering chocolate, cooking lines for toffee, and cutting machines for chewing gum.

Cereal, granola, and protein bar production equipment

A.M.P Rose provides complete manufacturing lines for snack bars. Products can be single or multi-layered with ingredients such as cereal, granola, fruit, and peanuts.
Clients can select a complete production line or individual machines for integration into pre-existing plants.
The bar-forming machines are flexible and can be configured with different slab formers or sheeters to meet a client’s requirements. Bar-forming plants have throughputs ranging from 100kg/h to 3,000kg/h for slab working widths between 300mm and 1,000mm.

Chocolate moulding lines

A.M.P’s modular moulding machines manufacture centre-filled products, biscuit or wafer bars, and chocolate tablets, which can include chopped nuts or raisins.
The chocolate moulding lines are available in an array of widths to suit a wide range of applications and outputs.

Chocolate and fat melters

A.M.P Rose’s melters are used to melt chocolate and compound fat down from block or chip form.
Melted products contain no lumps and are maintained at the required temperature and viscosity. The product can also be drawn from the holding unit while it is being processed.
The company’s large melting grills are used for high melt rates.
All of the contact parts on the machine are made from 316 stainless-steel and contain an optional pump with jacketed piping. Two heating systems can also be used for melting and holding, which can be managed through the integral heating system control panel.

Laboratory equipment for small-batch confectionery production

A.M.P’s laboratory range includes a batch vacuum cooker, a coating pan, and a pulling machine for recipe formulation and product trials. Using small product batches of product enables efficient raw material testing.
All machine parts have been made from stainless-steel and other food-safe materials.
Minimal maintenance is required and the unit is easily accessible for routine cleaning.