The Masterpack Group produces innovative bags, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), liners and vacuum techniques to ensure that products ranging from milk powder to coffee, nuts and seeds are protected throughout the supply chain.
These high-end bulk packaging solutions are used to protect and transport food products.
Masterpack’s solutions are environmentally friendly and meet the regulatory requirements of the food processing industry. Items are packed in certified sites that maintain high levels of cleanliness.
The bulk packaging solutions are also suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical, mining and chemicals industries.

High-performance packaging for protection against contamination

Masterpack’s high-quality packaging solutions decrease waste, improve quality and are suitable for a wide range of food, including organic produce. The company complies with industry standards, including good manufacturing practice (GMP), hazard and critical control point (HACCP) and International Standards Organisation (ISO) 9001, ISO: 14000 and ISO: 22000.
Its offerings include the PowerQube, PowerTube, TopTube, TopQube, CleverQube and Square Shape FIBCs.
Masterpack lines its FIBCs with conductive aluminium, anti-static, metalised oriented polypropylene (OPP), ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) and polyamide (PA) barrier foils.

Modified and controlled-atmosphere bags to increase food life

Masterpack offers modified and controlled-atmosphere FIBC and Big Bags for the food industry. This fully integrated technique minimises oxidation and naturally fumigates products, protecting food from contaminants and extending shelf-life. It also offers a storage alternative to temperature-controlled warehouses.
The bags help to maintain the aroma, flavour and colour of food products, while preventing mould and fungus growth. Bags ensure that any contaminants such as insects are removed without the use of chemicals.
Masterpack’s vacuum and degassing devices comprise innovative seal technology for liner materials, which include high-impact barrier films. Its degassing and vacuuming techniques remove all contamination and are fully integrated into the production of Big Bags.
The company’s in-house testing centre helps develop optimised solutions for a wide range of applications.

Sustainable packaging solutions for food packaging

With almost a century of industry experience, Masterpack identifies bespoke solutions that are both sustainable and meet client requirements.
It develops new products and services in close collaboration with partners and customers, specialising in high-performance packaging that reduces costs while delivering high levels of hygiene.
The company believes that combining economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility leads to a sustainable business. It implements the Social Accountability Management System (SA8000) at its manufacturing plant in Bangladesh and started a project that provides its employees and their families with opportunities in education.

About Masterpack Group

Masterpack delivers packaging solutions worldwide for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and mining industries.
The company packs and protects products from baby milk powder to coal, as well as offering solutions for pest control and contamination prevention for organic food.
Masterpack provides one of the highest levels of cleanliness for pharmaceutical and food ingredients, as well as reduces packaging costs.
For chemical products, Masterpack’s packaging is designed for resins, plastics, flakes, fibres, and powders with applications in consumer and industrial products.  The company produces these in its certified cleanrooms.