Tapi Group designs, manufactures and distributes closures for food and beverage packaging applications.
Its Tapi, Signature, Tapi Wine and Revo collections feature closures for products such as wine, spirits, beer, oil and condiments.
The company has also created a range of innovative technologies, including the use of ultrasound for a glue-free seal and a highly customisable mechanical stopper structure.
Tapi also manages the ABOR project, which recycles distillation residues within the production of the company’s closures.

Customisable bottle stoppers for alcohol, cooking oil and condiment packaging

Tapi’s customisable closures are made from high-quality wood, ceramic and stone. Within Tapi’s Signature Collection, each material is fashioned into a range of styles, including Dome, Luna, Dante, Diva and Essenza, which are organised into three collections based on their source material.
The Wood Inspiration Collection features stoppers that are made from wood and cork. Grain colour options include cream, black, brown, glossy white, glossy black, honey and natural.
The Light Inspiration collection consists of cork bottle stoppers with a metallic top. The metal is coloured gold, silver, white or black.
The Ceramic Collection features the Classique, Venetian, Craquele, Metallic, Stone Washed and Mosaic designs, which are available in a range of colours and materials.

Bottle closures for the wine sector

The Tapi Wine collection features a range of stoppers designed to maintain the quality of wine by keeping CO2 levels consistent in semi-sparkling wines and preventing oxidisation, which can affect taste and smell.
The range also features innovative designs such as capsules with a wax top disc and aluminium screw caps for barrels developed in collaboration with the European Design Institute.

Corks, caps, capsules and stoppers for wine

Tapi utilises its thorough knowledge of wine’s structures and production processes to offer a comprehensive, customisable line that meets client requirements.
Vero is a micro-agglomerated closure made of 50% natural cork. The microgranules are between 0.5mm and 1.5mm in diameter and are bonded without the use of polyurethane adhesives.
Purity is a closure system that can be opened without a corkscrew. It is made from innovative materials derived from the biomedical centre that is designed to create an effective barrier to prevent the movement of oxygen. This material is encased in glass and available in pink, orange, transparent, red or black.

Mechanical closures for the beer sector

Revò is Tapi’s brand of mechanical beer bottle stoppers, Mekano. These innovative closures are customisable and adaptable to a wide range of bottle types and sizes in the drinks and food industries.
The closures consist of a thermoplastic resin head made from high-performance techno-polymers, an ethylene rubber gasket, and a connecting rod and sail. They are recyclable, reusable and suitable for pasteurisation.

About Tapi

Tapi has a global presence, serving clients through a series of sales offices, research and development (R&D) centres and distributors in more than 60 countries.
The company aims to become a leading supplier of packaging closures and has consistently invested in R&D, as well as hired expert staff to develop its brand into an international group.