Turnkey solutions for integrated food processing and packaging.

tna is a global supplier of turnkey solutions for integrated food processing and packaging, with a comprehensive range of products.
These include freezers, seasoning and coating systems, fryers, metal detectors, labellers, and control systems, as well as conveyors, baggers, confectionery moguls, and case packers.
The company also provides project management services and technical advice through its dedicated after-sales support service.
With more than 35 years’ experience, tna is a single-source supplier to the snack industry.

Equipment for the manufacture of food products

tna offers a wide range of packaging and processing equipment for the manufacture of food products including snacks, French fries, confectionery, cereals, dairy, meat and poultry, pet foods, nuts, and fresh produce.
The company is a single-source provider for the potato processing industry. It offers lines for French fries and potato chips, including washers and destoners, steam peelers, cutting systems, and frying units. The Florigo conti-pro® is designed to provide efficient frying of potatoes, cooking at consistently high temperatures. It can be paired with the Florigo accura-dry® 3, which improves texture by removing moisture before frying.
tna has also partnered with NID to provide confectionery processing offerings and mogul lines including innovative starch moulding systems and ancillary equipment. The NID M3000® produces between 32 and 35 trays of gummy confectionery per minute. This user-friendly machine is designed to be versatile, integrating a feeder, starch section, depositor, stacker, and pallet transport.
tna delivers mainline and on-machine seasoning technologies, as well as precise coating systems for oil spray applications. The tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 accurately seasons by applying both powders and oil consistently in a single drum.

Integrated control solutions for the food industry

tna offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated processing and packaging solutions such as potato and gummy processing lines, conveyors, seasoning machines, scales, and case packers.
To provide control over the complete processing line, tna’s system control technology consists of advanced data integration and customised reporting software. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and human machine interface (HMI) tools collect operational plant data, which is then surveyed alongside factory acceptance (FAT) and site acceptance (SAT) tests to enable performance optimisation.
tna helps train production plant staff so they can effectively operate and maintain the equipment. Together with tna’s after-market support, these customised training programmes keep staff informed of new industry innovations, solutions, and upgrades.

Horizontal and vibratory conveyors for food transportation

The innovative horizontal and vibratory conveyors tna roflo® HM 3 and tna roflo® VM 3 minimise product loss, while eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.
These goods-handling solutions feature patented switcheroo bidirectional functionality, which enables manufacturers to use a single conveying lane.
tna roflo® HM 3’s belt has a slow forward movement and a fast-motion return for flexible conveying. It also has no vertical elements, ensuring the highest level of hygiene.
tna roflo® VM 3 is a vibratory conveyor that moves product both vertically and horizontally by up to 10°. It has low energy consumption and is low-maintenance.

Weighing and bagging systems for accurate pack weights

The tna robag ® FX series handles up to 250 bags a minute using rotary motion and can be set up in double, single, triple, or flat jaw configurations. In addition, the system includes tna’s Auto Connect and Unload Assist features, which simplifies the changing of formers to minimise downtime.
The tna intelli-weigh® omega, alpha, and delta series are precise, multi-head scales designed for weighing wet or dry applications. Combining accuracy with speed, these advanced scales are easy to maintain to reduce downtime and help minimise waste for effective product handling.
Placed into the vertical form fill sealing (VFFS) packaging system, the tna hyper-detect® detects metal contamination as product is transferred to the bag for safe throughput and minimum rejects. In addition, tna provides high-quality validation solutions to accurately and reliably find miscoded or uncoded products.

Case-packing machines for efficient end-of-line packing

Once products are weighed and bagged, tna’s case packing solutions provide end-of-line packing quickly and efficiently.
The tna ropac 5 is a reliable machine that has one of the world’s fastest levels of throughput and a small factory footprint with minimum environmental impact. Packing up to 300 flexible bags a minute, this packer is designed for small-to-medium, pillow-sized snack bags for snacks, confectionery, pasta, and cereal.

Labelling and promotional inserts to add extra value

The LabelPlus® 360 and Unique Solutions PouchPlus® 1000 enable application of promotional labels and insertion of value-added coupons, toys, or liquid-filled sachets. Easy-to-clean rubber-faced feed belts keep product away from the drive system, while a brushless, servo-driven, pac-controlled system delivers accurate and reliable inserting.

Support service for food manufacturing equipment

tna provides a full turnkey service package that includes project management, product testing, operator training, and after-sales-support to ensure that food manufacturing systems are fully operational once installed.
The company’s services enable a smooth transition to the new systems for optimum results. The technical services available include design, installation, on-site repair, and post-installation upgrades.