Vidrala is one of Western Europe’s largest glass container manufacturers, producing bottles and jars at six sites located in four countries, namely, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium.

The company supplies glass containers for a variety of products in the beverages and food industry, selling more than 3.5 billion bottles and jars per year to more than 1,500 clients, with an annual turnover of €473m in the 2013 fiscal year.

In the packaging industry, Vidrala aims to facilitate its customers’ developments by fulfilling their expectations and building a future on sustainable values for its shareholders and personnel, collaborating companies, as well as speaking for society.

Vidrala aims to show the importance of glass as a food and drinks packaging material that does not require any additional layers to protect its contents.

Attractive, glass bordelaise wine bottles

Vidrala’s BD Lux Natura holds up to 750ml of wine in an attractive bordelaise bottle, which is available in three different colours, flint, dark-green and moss-green.

The Lux Natura weighs 410g and stands 313mm in height, with a diameter of 72.4mm.

The company also produces the BD Elite Conical for up to 750ml of wine. The bottle is available in two colours, moss-green and dark-green.

The BD Elite Conical weighs 720g, with an overall height of 316mm and an 81mm diameter.

Vidrala manufactures the BG Nova Natura 75cl BVS, a beautiful, burgundy glass bottle, which is available in flint, dark-green and moss-green colours.

The BG Nova Natura weighs 395g and stands 295mm in height, with a diameter of 80.3mm.

Beer bottles for microbreweries

Vidrala’s Apolo 33cl glass beer bottle is great for microbreweries, weighing 220g, with an overall height of 227mm and a diameter of 59.4mm.

Glass bottles for milk and dairy produce

The flint-coloured Lacteos 20cl bottle is specially designed to contain milk and dairy produce in a glass bottle, weighing 130g, with an overall height of 157.5mm and 55.2mm diameter.

Flint-coloured glass bottles for spirits

The Bahia 70cl by Vidrala is an attractive flint-coloured bottle for spirits, which weighs 360g, has an overall height of 284mm and a 74.3mm diameter.

Glass bottles for oils and vinegars

The Quartz 1l is a new Vidrala product for the bottling of oils and vinegars, which is produced in dark-green.

The bottle weighs 500g, has a height of 295mm and a diameter of 80.2mm.

Sparkling beverages and cider bottles

The Cuve Elegance 75cl is one of Vidrala’s most beautiful bottles for sparkling wines and ciders. The flint-coloured bottles weigh 800g, are 289mm in height and have a 94.5mm diameter.

The dark-green Opera Premium 75cl glass bottles for sparkling wines and ciders weigh 900g, have an overall height of 300mm and a diameter of 96.1mm.

Glass bottle for juices

The Criszum 20cl flint-coloured bottle is designed for juices and weighs 135g, with a height and diameter of 142mm and 54.8mm, respectively.

Preserved food produce jars

Vidrala’s 12 PAR flint-coloured glass jars for conserves weigh 210g, have an overall height of 153mm and a diameter of 62.9mm.

About Vidrala

Established in Llodio, Alava, Spain in 1965, Vidrala Group incorporates the most recent technological developments to its manufacturing processes and finished product control.

The company’s plants operate non-stop 24/7, with all stages of processes automated and computerised. Vidrala aims for excellence in production to offer customers an outstanding service.

Vidrala, which employs more than 1,700 people, is a workplace of prestige and professional development for many people across Europe.