Achado produces machines designed to rotate cans, jars, and bottles ready for filling, cleansing, and drying.
Made of plastic, the machines are able to achieve rotations of 90° and 180°, or custom angles can be formed to suit the client’s needs.

Reliable inverters to upend food packaging prior to filling

Achado’s Twist Inverter boxes are compact, sturdy, and reliable, serving as a replacement for twisted wire races. Also known as can flippers, the 180° Twist Inverters are used to upend packaging for rinsing prior to filling, turn a can upside down ready for flanging, or orientate the can so the bottom can be closed between conveyors.

Twist inverter boxes for orientating cans, bottles, jars, and tins

With no moving parts, Achado’s Twist Inverter boxes have a simplistic and effective design consisting of a static tunnel twisted along its length. Bottles, cans, or jars are moved through the box on the conveyor and rotated appropriately. Containers are usually rotated 180°.
Inverter boxes can be designed to upend a wide variety of containers, including cans, jars, tins, tubs, and bottles of varying size and shape.
Upenders for quality control in food packaging
Achado’s inverters can be used for quality control management on labelling, food processing, and filling lines.
To ensure industry labelling guidelines are met, all food packaging must include code batch numbers and best before dates. The Twist Inverter box can simplify the printing process by turning the container upside down or at a 90° angle.
The machine can also make it easier to seal a can by rotating it ready for flanging. This helps ensure a tight and reliable seal, preventing the can from failing fill-level checks.
In addition, rotating liquid containers after filling will wet the internal surfaces for more effective pasteurising.

Processing food containers upside down on filling and packaging lines

Products such as milk powder are often filled from the bottom and Achado’s inverters can be used to prepare the can for filling. Following this upside-down processing, the containers can then be sealed and uprighted again before case packaging.
In addition, for sauces, honey, and syrup, a new packaging innovation sees these products packaged in a squeezy bottle, where they are then dispensed through the cap at the bottom of the container. Achado Twist inverters are a simple solution to invert the bottles after filling ready for packaging closure-down.

Upenders for rinsing applications in food processing

Achado’s inverters can be used to flip a container upside down ready for air or liquid cleansing. This helps remove microscopic particle debris such as broken glass and dead insects prior to filling. This process prevents product spoil and helps meet industry guidelines for food safety.
In the same way, the inverters can also be used for drying after cleaning, cooking, or pasteurisation.

Customised tilting angles for inverters

Achado makes custom twisting angles for its inverters to meet a client’s needs. This opens the applications of this product, including ramping bottles, cans, or jars from a conveyor, engineered specifically for a gravity rinser, or developed to be integrated with other systems.