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Plant Engineering and Automation

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Using the most trusted and innovative brands and state-of-the-art technologies, AS Automation System Hellas specializes in matching all of your requirements through engineering, installation, programming, commissioning, training and extensive service and support.
AS Automation System Hellas provides integrated customized solutions for plant engineering, and industrial and building automation. For over 17 years AS Automation System Hellas has served the industry with reliability, superb quality and effectiveness.

Industrial processing plant design and installation

AS Automation System Hellas provides turnkey solutions for designing and installing industrial processing plants, optimizing your needs and minimizing your total cost of ownership (TCO). AS Automation System Hellas specializes in dairies and mineral water plants, offering:

  • Plant specification and detailed engineering design
  • Equipment and machinery supply
  • Equipment installation and interconnection
  • Automation integration
  • Plant commissioning and startup
  • Operator training
  • Plant maintenance and support

Prefabricated CIP stations and pasteurizers

Based on years of experience and in-house flexibility, AS Automation System Hellas offers prefabricated components that can be easily integrated on any plant. These include CIP stations and pasteurizers, among others. Select from our approved list of reliable equipment suppliers and from a variety of different AS automation options, and employ AS’s well-proven solutions to satisfy your plant’s requirements, reducing your costs and increasing your assurance.

Industrial automation systems

AS Automation System Hellas provides automation systems and solutions for worldwide industrial plants, increasing productivity and offering great flexibility. Our solutions include:

  • Detailed engineering design
  • PLC and DCS automation software development
  • SCADA monitoring and control
  • Data acquisition and activity reporting
  • Energy management
  • Factory (FAT) and site (SAT) acceptance tests
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Operator training
  • Troubleshooting and modernization of existing systems

Building automation systems

AS Automation System Hellas provides totally integrated solutions and energy management systems for commercial and large private buildings. We offer:

  • Building management systems (BMS)
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning control
  • Lighting and room control
  • Supervision of building functionality
  • Data acquisition, reporting and analysis
  • Monitoring, analyzing and forecasting of energy consumption
  • Special applications for laboratories and clean areas
  • Upgrading, optimizing legacy building automation systems

Worldwide plant engineering and automation network

Operating on an international network, AS Automation System Hellas integrates international suppliers and know-how to deliver plant engineering, industrial automation and building automation projects worldwide. Europe, Middle East, Australia and North America have already joined the AS network.
If you are interested in expanding your business, manufacturing new products, increasing your productivity, optimizing your process, upgrading to new technologies, minimizing your costs and lowering your TCO, please contact us using the form or details below.

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