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Automated Home Brewery with Ready-to-Brew Ingredients and Recipe Database

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Craft Beer Brewing Machine

Brewie provides a new brewing solution for bars, breweries, and beer lovers wanting to make craft beer at home. The brewing machine is hassle-free and makes brewing a simple and clean process.
The machine is simple-to-use and has a self-cleaning process for low-hassle production. Users make a selection from thousands of beer recipes in Brewie’s social platform database and the company supplies the required ingredients in a customised package, the Brewie Pad.
Brewie can make up to 20l of beer in one batch with ten times less foam than other brewing machines.

Automatic beer brewing machine with full parameter control

With Brewie, a customer can brew their own high-quality beer at a low-cost. Users do not need any previous knowledge as the machine is easy-to-use for newcomers to brewing. However, the system also offers full parameter control and is suitable for professional use. Bars can use this machine to make unique beers, while microbreweries can make pilot batches.
Brewie’s recipe database provides a wide range of options, from an Imperial with more than 10% alcohol by volume (ABV), to an India pale ale (IPA) or a Belgian-style wheat beer.

Ready-to-brew ingredients package chosen from a recipe database

After selecting a recipe from the database, customers receive a Brewie Pad. This package contains a selection of natural and high-quality ingredients customised to the chosen brewing recipe. It also includes 4kg-8kg of malt, 20g-200g of hop, and 5g-11g of yeast.
In addition, the Brewie Pad includes a radio-frequency identification (RFID) card. This contains recipe details, which are transferred to the machine when scanned. Therefore, no manual set-up is required and reproducibility problems are reduced as there is little room for manual error.
Alternatively, customers can use their own recipes and ingredients, adding hops and spices at four different stages for full flexibility.
After five to six hours, a batch is ready for fermentation, which usually takes between seven and 21 days. With Brewie, 93% of the brewing process is automated.

Social media connections for craft beer brewing

To help customers build connections and improve their skills, Brewie provides a social media platform dedicated to beer brewing. The platform provides a space for brewers to exchange recipes and advice, organise events, share ideas, and display successful batches with image and text-based posts.
Brewie aims to make it easy for brewers to connect and its social media platform can be accessed through an app for smartphone or tablet.

Full control of brewing parameters and self-cleaning

Brewie’s machine contains multiple sensors and data-tracking so customers always know what is happening with their batch. The smartphone and tablet apps include information about previous batches and modified recipes, as well as providing notifications when a batch is ready to be dry-hopped or bottled.
The machine provides full control over many brewing parameters, including mashing, sparging, and hopping.
The company also offers a large variety of brewing options, including the use of multiple malt bags for the same batch. Customers can also use four different types of hop in four hop cages, with the addition of further hops manually.
In addition, the machine self-cleans automatically and is electrochemically polished so no dirt can remain on its surface. It also intakes water automatically for ease-of-use.

About Brewie

Brewie was released to the market following a successful Indiegogo campaign. This easy-to-use machine has the potential to change beer consumption habits worldwide, helping both beginner and expert brewers make their own craft beer. Make an enquiry using the Enquiry form to learn more about this home brewing device.

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