Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI) manufactures and integrates a full line of cutting-edge material handling systems for manufacturers and distributors. Our automation systems include shipping systems, in-motion scales, sortation, box opening, order picking, receiving, as well as software and controls.

CASI utilises a pre-engineered approach to systems integration that is unique in our industry. We set up all our systems at our facility and work out any issues before shipping the system to the customer for final installation. Our approach prevents costly downtime that can be painful for your operation and guarantees our systems go in smoothly.

Automatic box opening systems

CASI now offers a fully automatic box opener. ABOT™ is a fully programmable carton opening system capable of removing the top from cartons automatically at rates up to 1,000 cartons per hour. Speed will greatly depend on the size of box, cut depth, and other variables which alter cut times.

The flexible design allows for automatic height and carton ID detection, enabling ABOT to adjust opening methodology by carton height or optional barcode or RF Tag scan.

State-of-the-art sensors combined with CASI’s state-of-the-art software provide a flexible and dynamic solution at an industry-leading ABOT price.

Checkweigher systems

Cornerstone Automation Systems manufactures checkweigh systems for distribution and manufacturing; the range includes in motion scales, checkweigh systems, in line scales, in line checkweighers and conveyor scales. Our systems are designed for wash down applications; the corrosion-resistant construction is achieved by replacing steel components with stainless-steel components to prevent rust.

As a turnkey material handling systems integrator, CASI designs products that integrate seamlessly with conveyor controls, barcode scanners and other peripheral devices, as we know checkweigh systems are installed as part of a larger system. Our customers are highly encouraged to visit our factory and view the testing of their system.

Conveyor systems and industrial conveyors

CASI manufactures a wide variety of conveyors, conveyor controls and accessories. Our pre-engineered approach guarantees the right conveyor system for your application. There are many considerations such as speed, product type, and integration needs. CASI engineers will help you determine the scope and help to establish a realistic budget in designing the right conveyor system.

CASI standard conveyors are based on 24V technology. Operation is smooth and quiet. No electrical controls cabinets are needed.

For heavy duty and heavy industrial conveyor applications, CASI offers standard 24V as well as CDLR industrial and ‘HD’ (heavy duty) versions of most products.

Sortation systems

Cornerstone Automation Systems offers automatic sortation solutions using SolidRoute™, providing a high-performance solution for distribution centres implementing sortation as part of the material handling system. Sortation systems range from low to high speed. With any sorter, the parts per minute rate depends on the item lengths, weights, conveyor speed, and required gapping between products.

CASI is an expert in material handling solutions. There are many types of sorters and sortation systems for various applications. Many factors such as cost, speed needs, and type of products being moved will determine the best fit.

Automated order picking systems

CASI offers order picking systems from the most basic pick and pack systems to the most state-of-the-art automated systems. CASI offers a full line of technologies to automate order fulfilment requirements, ranging from operator assisted to fully automatic fulfilment. CASI applications engineers are experienced in order picking system design and are available to assist in the design of your system.

CASI understands that order picking methods vary as greatly as the distribution centres that methods are used in. The characteristics of the product being handled, total number of transactions, total number of orders, picks per order, quantity per pick, picks per SKU, total number of SKUs, value-added processing such as private labelling, and whether you are handling piece pick, case pick, or full-pallet loads are all factors that will affect your decision on a method for order picking. In many cases a combination of picking methods is needed to handle diverse product and order characteristics.

CASI offers multiple picking methodologies in our SolidPick™ module allowing our application engineers to match the picking methodology to the operation and ROI requirement.

Cubing systems and dimensioning

CASI manufactures in-motion cubing systems designed for cartons as well as pallets. Each system may be designed as standalone or as part of an integrated system for receiving, shipping or cubing a trailer.

CASI also integrates static systems used for various applications such as populating SKUs to a WMS with weights and dimensions, outbound shipping, and even odd-shaped items for packaging and shipping needs.