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Process Control Systems, Tools and Instrumentation for Food Processing Plant Optimisation

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Emerson Automation Solutions’ comprehensive consulting services, industry expertise and automation technologies help food and beverage manufacturers meet fast-changing consumer demands while meeting regulatory compliance, an increasing challenge in the industry.
Emerson’s experts help manufacturers meet these challenges while also achieving top quartile performance in the areas of safety, reliability, production and energy management, defined as achieving operations and capital performance in the top 25% of peer companies.

Automation technology and services for improving food and beverage processing efficiency

Emerson’s engineers complete comprehensive surveys of food technology processing plants as part of an evaluation and optimisation service. This helps companies to avoid costly oversights such as hidden leaks, inconsistent mixtures, and overflows, which lead to reduced maintenance costs and greater process predictability.
To achieve this, Emerson utilises the industrial internet of things (IIOT) through its Plantweb digital ecosystem. Plantweb provides manufacturers with a scalable solution and uses wireless technologies, advanced instrumentation and data analytics to improve plant performance.
Supporting this is the industry’s most complete portfolio of automation technologies, including manufacturing execution systems, control systems, measurement and analytical devices, control valves, actuators and regulators and fluid automation.

Increasing the efficiency of dairy production

Diary processors must continue to improve product quality and production efficiency to remain competitive. Flow and density technologies from Emerson help producers, integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to increase batch quality and reproducibility.
Flow and density measurements are ideal for applications such as milk receiving transfers, intra-plant transfers, pasteurisation timing loops, separation and standardisation, as well as batch additions, in-line blending, drying and evaporation feeds, and steam and fuel flows.
Emerson also increases dairy plant profitability by optimising production practices and workplace safety procedures to meet industry regulations.

Brewing optimisation and loss measurement for breweries

Emerson’s state-of-the-art instrumentation and control systems increase efficiency in the brewery industry by addressing rising costs of resources and operational flexibility. The company also helps breweries meet changing industry regulatory requirements and brand restrictions.
Emerson’s instruments provide precise measurements at critical production phases, which are closely monitored to enhance performance. Its Coriolis technology allows breweries to make precise wort measurements to track product loss. This method is more effective than standard volumetric flow measurements and the information provided can lead to process control improvements.

Control systems, tools and instrumentation for production of consumer-packaged goods

With consumers demanding perfect products, every time, it’s crucial to implement products and systems that assure accountability and accuracy in the operations.
Emerson’s ultrasonic technology is ideal for the automated portioning of sandwiches, baked goods, confections, meats and cheeses. This ultrasonic cutting technology reduces waste and protects the share of the product far better than traditional mechanical cutting systems.

Cost-effective packaging and filling applications

Packaging solutions must continue to be innovative and cost-effective. Emerson’s technology and services maximise the uptime of assembly lines and ensure packaging is creative, consistent and repeatable.
Filling, sealing and leak-testing solutions can be installed into a new line or retrofitted into an existing medium-to-high-speed bottling operation for maximum throughput, with data-gathering insights and predictive maintenance capabilities.
Emerson ensures repeatable dispensing of liquids, reduced waste from over-filling or under-filling containers.

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  • Rosemount™ 5708 3D Solids Scanner - Acoustic Phased-Array

    With the Rosemount 5708 3D Solids Scanner, accurate measurements of solid materials for production tracking, inventory management, and usage forecasting is made easy. No matter the size of your vessel, the Rosemount 5708 gives you perfect inventory data to make correct decisions.

  • DeltaV™ PK Controller

    The DeltaV PK Controller brings faster logic execution, built-in native ethernet device protocols, and many scalable sizes, enabling it to address a wide variety of applications such as ethernet device control and a wide variety of system sizes.

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