Manufacturer of cable protection solutions

Flexicon is a manufacturer of cable protection solutions, offering more than 56 different metallic or non-metallic flexible conduit systems. Products are used to protect critical power and data cables in telecommunications, manufacturing, rail, mining, marine, food processing, and heavy industrial environments.

Protective conduit systems for data cables

Flexicon’s large range of flexible conduit systems is designed to protect cables from mechanical and vibration hazards, corrosion from chemicals, changes in temperature, fire damage, and ingress of water or dust.

The conduits are made in an ISO manufacturing facility in Birmingham, utilising the latest technologies in production and automation.

With sales distribution in more than 55 countries worldwide, Flexicon’s products have been tested and approved to national and international standards.

Easy-to-clean LPC conduit system

With the increasing importance of machinery and automation in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, failure of any cabling can lead to downtime, quality issues, or potentially product recalls.

The live plug connector (LPC) conduit system is extruded in blue modified Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for easy identification. It offers a smooth and easy-to-clean surface, making it suitable for food and beverage applications.

Featuring a smooth inner core, the LPC Blue (BU) Food Grade (FG) Conduit offers ease in running cables through the conduit, simplifying installation. It also groups cables to minimise the number of cleaning surfaces and reduce risk of bacterial growth. This is complemented by the product’s smooth surfaces, which also minimise growth environments by removing creases and crevices.

Cable fittings for protection against water and dust

Flexicon’s stainless steel food grade 316L fittings are designed in accordance with Food Processing Machinery design Standards EN 1672-2, and Safety of Machinery EN ISO 14159. They incorporate blue compression seals and a blue nut seal, which prevent ingress of food and bacteria.

With an IP rating of IP66, IP67, IP68 (2bar), and IP69, these fittings are compatible with ten of Fleixon’s liquid-tight conduit ranges and are available in sizes between 16mm and 50mm.

When used with either the LPC or long-term potentiation (LTP) range of conduits, this product offers superior protection against water and dust ingress and is suitable for washdown applications.

About Flexicon

Flexicon offers excellence through engineering and innovation. Its comprehensive product range has increased to 56 systems and the company has seen growth in the food and beverage and renewable energy markets.

The company is constantly expanding and investing in its facilities, research, and development worldwide. Its products are developed and tested to meet global and local quality standards and have been approved quality awards and compliance in a large number of countries.

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