For every conceivable pump application in food processing and manufacturing, the full-line Grundfos range gives you optimal compatibility. Grundfos is the world’s largest pump manufacturer, with pump ranges covering every end of the industrial spectrum. The food industry is no exception; our expertise and heritage in this quality-driven industry go back 150 years through our Hilge subsidiary.

Pumps for food processing

Our pumps are installed in food processing plants, confectionery and chocolate factories and dairies around the world. Grundfos pumps are ideal for this kind of work because they are designed specifically to maintain product integrity and consistency, as well as to be CIP and SIP compatible. And then there’s peace of mind: Grundfos pumps are synonymous with reliability and are backed by a global network complete with service partners in more than 50 countries. With Grundfos pumps you really can ensure that your product lives up to your standards – batch after batch.

Pumps for plant service systems and processes

Grundfos is a full-line supplier of pumps for plant service systems and processes. We produce pumps for every facility in the industrial water circuit, delivering water to the plant, moving the water inside the plant to where it’s needed; e.g. for boiler feeding or cooling systems. Finally, we have pumps for leading wastewater out of the plant to a treatment facility.

Pumps for dairy production

Full of life and goodness, milk is synonymous with good health and nutrition. Hygienic pump design and gentle handling keep your fresh milk and dairy products just the way you want them.

Pumps for confectionery and chocolate production

A taste of the good life starts with stable temperature control, precise solids handling and process control. Grundfos pumps are robust for reliability and easily cleaned for consistent quality.

Pumps for processed foods manufacture

When you make something for every taste and need, we have a pump to keep the process moving. Extremely viscous mixtures, crystallines and corrosive or abrasive media – there’s nothing we can’t handle gently.

Food application pumps

Our food application pumps include:

  • Sanitary pumps: Sipla, NOVAlobe, MAXA, F&B HYGIA® and Contra
  • Utility pumps: NB/NK, Hydro Booster system, SE, CR and TP
  • Disinfection pumps: DME and Oxiperm Pro

Global food processing pump supplier

Grundfos is present in 45 countries around the world with 56 sales companies and 12 production companies. In addition to this global network, Grundfos has more than 600 service partners so no matter where your business is located, Grundfos is nearby.