KUKA Robotics is Europe’s leading robot manufacturer with more than 85,000 robots in the field, offering automated solutions for a diverse range of industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive, foundry and logistics – as well as the food processing technology sector. KUKA has a long-standing reputation for delivering flexible, value-engineered solutions that add productivity and provide process improvements for almost any application.

Robotics for the food processing industry

The food processing industry combines a wider variety of products, packaging types and handling variants than almost any other industrial sector. There is a broad range of potential applications for robotics in food processing: in the meat industry, KUKA robots are used in cutting, sorting and packaging applications, while in cheese production they stir curds, transfer cheese moulds, and turn, cut, portion, package and palletise cheeses. Integrated sensors and measuring systems enable the simple implementation of complex processes.

Custom processing and logistics systems

Four elements are required for mastering complex logistical tasks: optical or tactile sensors that detect the position and orientation of an object, a multi-function gripper system, adaptable software solutions, and, of course, the right robot. Using flexible end-of-arm tooling that operates via suction, clamping or lifting, along with individually configurable palletising software, and special sensors that distinguish between different products by size, weight, material or appearance, KUKA can handle even the most difficult tasks.

Robotic systems for food packaging

KUKA Robotics delivers efficient, flexible robotic systems for food packaging, palletising, depalletising or order picking – whether the system is mixed or unmixed, and whether it involves folding cartons, cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, plastic bags, styrofoam trays, sacks, laminated packaging, or bottles. Thanks to the modular nature of the hardware and software components and the use of standardised interfaces, KUKA function packages can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

Hygienic robots for the food industry

To perform hygienically sensitive tasks, KUKA has developed robots that are able to meet the special requirements of the foodstuffs industry. The maintenance-friendly, easy-to-clean KUKA Wash Down robot, with its hygienic configuration, is one of a kind. With its protective suit and sterile surfaces, the robot is superbly equipped for operation in compliance with strict hygiene requirements – and that includes all of the components for the controller and the electrical system.

The Wash Down robot thus greatly enhances not only your product safety, but also your flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Whether cutting or packaging meat, stirring, turning or processing dairy products, or handling frozen foods, KUKA robots, sensors and software are unmatched in their versatility and flexibility.

Customer service for robot systems

With KUKA, you can be sure that you will have a robot system that gives you maximum efficiency thanks to its high precision, optimal speed and excellent user-friendliness. To ensure that things stay that way throughout the product lifecycle, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help you realise the full potential of your KUKA products. We are at your service from the beginning: during planning and start-up, and offering perfect maintenance management during ongoing operation of your systems.