PCA has been delivering industrial electronic control products to Australasian industry since 1968. PCA caters exclusively for the Australasian market, offering a complete range of encoder products, a comprehensive range of interface, panel instruments for measuring and positioning of machinery, and input and process control equipment.


Our range includes incremental, absolute single and multi-turn rotary shaft encoders, and linear encoders with either incremental or analogue outputs. The range includes both optical and magnetic encoder products, and very heavy-duty encoders for installation in the harshest of environments.

Incremental encoders

Most of our incremental encoders are assembled in Australia, so we can provide a 24hr build service for most emergency requirements. We also carry a range of products to assist with the encoder installation – these include several types of shaft couplings, L-shaped mounting brackets and measuring wheels for linear to rotary conversion.

Absolute multi-turn encoders

The absolute multi-turn encoders are available with output protocols for all the industrial buss structures, including the latest Ethernet network products. These products provide absolute positioning information even if moved without any power connection; once power is restored the new position is available immediately.

Heavy-duty rotary encoders

Our heavy-duty rotary encoder products are constructed in stainless steel and are specifically for installation in food processing plants, mining and ship loading installations.

Encoders for linear measuring

In addition we have available a range of revolutionary new encoder products for linear measuring. This series produces the conventional incremental encoder output, but without making any mechanical contact with the surface of the material being measured.

Interface products for the food industry

Our range of interface products includes controllers for expanding encoder output signals, programmable frequency to voltage, and position to voltage converters. The encoder signal expanders take the output from one encoder and provide an infinite number of encoder output signals. We have a number of programmable multi-purpose panel meters used to display process information in terms meaningful to the equipment operators.

Encoder products, inclinometers and linear measuring products

Our major suppliers include Fraba / Posital for absolute serial output encoder products and inclinometers, W+S for our standard incremental encoder products, IED for the heavy-duty encoder range, Motrona for the encoder interface products, Intacton for the non-contact linear measuring products and Atek for the linear magnetic encoder product range.