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High-Quality Rapid Doors for the Food Processing Industry

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Remax is a manufacturer of doorway and barrier solutions for a wide range of industries around Australia.
Our products are designed to deliver a consistent day-to-day performance, improve efficiency and reduce on-site energy loss.
From small internal pedestrian doorways to large warehouse entrances, Remax supplies a range of rapid doors, sectional doors, roller and cool room doors to suit your application.
We make sure to gain a complete understanding of your requirements before developing an appropriate solution. Our prompt and personalised service starts with your initial enquiry where we gather all the necessary details and customer requirements that help us in the design and installation phase.
Post-installation, we inspect your door system to ensure it maintains its quality and performance throughout its service life. Our high-quality door systems adhere to quality standards of various industries such as retail, logistics, food, beverage and more.

Weather-resistant, high-speed rapid doors for food processing sites

To respond to demand for efficient, safe and reliable rapid doors, Remax offers a range of Movidor rapid doors, which have been installed in many industries across Australia to offer quick, efficient and reliable access.
Starting with our EX35 Movidor pedestrian rapid door, which is ideal for users who require quick access through doors such as personnel with trolley jacks.
Remax’s Movidor HS25 and HS35 rapid doors are suitable for forklifts and vehicles entering and exiting sites. For larger vehicles such as delivery and refrigerated trucks, we also offer the Movidor HS50 and HS65.
For even larger access, the Movipak high-speed folding door can be used in doorways up to 10m high and 18m wide.

Australian-made self-repairing rapid doors

Remax incorporates an innovative feature on all Remax Movidor rapid doors that allows products to ‘self-repair’ in the event that the curtain is accidentally damaged.
The self-repair function reduces damage to the curtain and door guides, as well as downtime, callout charges and maintenance costs.

Rapid doors for refrigerated and cool room environments

Often overlooked, doorways account for a large proportion of temperature loss and gain, both by the type of door and how they are used. For instance, a doorway that is held open rather than automatically closing after each entry will stand to lose refrigerated air each time it is opened throughout the day. This will lead to additional costs for the business as the cool room readjusts to the increased temperature.
The Remax Movichill is an insulated rapid door, which automatically opens and closes after each entry or exit so doors are not left open.
Remax also offers insulated sectional doors for temperature-controlled spaces such as fruit and vegetable packing, which require an insulated site and access by delivery vehicles.

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