food preparation manufacturer

As a high-quality food preparation equipment manufacturer, Robot Coupe draws on more than 30 years’ experience to provide the Australian and New Zealand food industry with solutions that are designed to be reliable, cost-effective, save time, and ensure profitability.

The company provides a wide range of machines that can be adapted to suit a number of environments, including production facilities, caterers and industry institutions.

Robot Coupe’s experience in the food industry and its range of products will ensure quality and an efficient service every time.

CL60 Workstation, complete fruit and vegetable preparation solution

Designed to meet the increasing demand for vegetable preparation, the CL60 workstation is capable of preparing 1,800kg per hour, with options of 53 different cut varieties.

Advantages include:

  • Automatic feed head, ideal for all vegetables in bulk-Pusher feed head, ideal for bulky vegetables such as cabbages or celeriac
  • 4 Tubes feed head, ideal for long vegetables
  • Potato masher equipment ideal for mashing large quantities of cooked potato
  • Ergonomic mobile trolley, can accommodate three full size gastronome pans

Robot Coupe Vertical Cutter Mixers. Models R60 R45 R30 R23 Vertical Cutter

Mixers have been designed to optimise time and output, processing both large and small quantities of meat, vegetables and smooth-textured mousses. In addition, foodstuffs can be grinded and kneaded if required.

Smooth-textured mousses usually require longer preparation, yet this can be achieved in less than five minutes. Even for small quantity batches, perfection is guaranteed for both cutting quality and homogeneity of products through using new patented blades.

A tilting lever allows the user to tilt the bowl all the way to a horizontal angle. Three retractable wheels offer ease-of-movement; and it has a sturdy, 100% stainless steel frame.

Robot Coupe Blixer® Blixer 23, 30, 45 or Blixer 60

The cutter and blender / mixer are combined in the Robot Coupe Blixer®. This robust easy-to-use, efficient, and robust product quickly achieves pureed, raw or cooked, semi-liquid or liquid meals.

Their large capacity and leak-proof lid with built-in scraper offer first-class preparation of all mixed and liquidised food types, even for purposes as specific as tube feeding. This versatility makes these models ideal for producing texture-modified foods on a large-scale for the healthcare industry.

Robot Coupe Automatic Sieves – C120 and C200

Robot Coupe Automatic Sieves are ideal for making delicious soft food items such as coulis, fruit pastes, jams, ice creams, sauces, smoothies, sorbets, soups, verrines, and a lot more.

Continuous feeding of washed products is achieved through its large tray allows, eliminating the need to peel or stone food items. Products are caught by a perforated basket, where they are sieved.

Ready-to-use pulp is ejected into the end production chute and waste items such as bones, fibres, skins, pips, stones or tails are extracted through the ejection chute. The Paddle assembly rotates at 1,500rpm to extract maximum pulp and juice, with continuous separated ejection of product and waste.

Robot Coupe Planetary Mixers -SP30-S, SP40-S, SP60-S and SPB-80HI

Planetary mixers are the ideal general purpose machine. They provide a flawless solution for baking, with beating, mixing, whipping made easy for cakes, pastries and doughs.

They have been designed to meet the demands of restaurants, bakeries and other institutions involved in the food industry.

They are the item of choice by food professionals thanks to their multi-functions. The Robot Coupe SPB-0HI comes with a dough hook, beater and whisk and an 80l stainless steel bowl. It features an interlocked safety guard and has a resistant transmission design.