Romheld Automation sells high-quality automation and machine tool products from a variety of leading manufacturers. These products are used to enhance productivity in many different manufacturing industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Stainless-steel food grippers

Schunk stainless-steel food grippers provide a solution for automation in the food processing industry. The model LMG-44 and LMG-64 food grippers are ideal for applications where fresh food products are handled automatically, such as in processing and packing lines.

Schunk stainless-steel food grippers are suitable for processing meat and a variety of fresh food products and can easily be fitted to robots, handling systems and other automated equipment.

A smaller stacking gripper is also available, the model SG-47. This machine incorporates hygienic design features and is suitable for food packing applications.

Vacuum gripper systems

Romheld Automation supplies the Unigripper intelligent vacuum gripper system made by Tepro. This effective system automatically senses the position of products and creates the necessary lifting force where it is needed.

When combined with other robot and handling systems, the Unigripper vacuum gripper system provides a flexible and economical material handling solution that can process a wide variety of products – the Unigripper can handle pallets, crates, boxes, barrels, cans, bottles and corrugated sheets.

Unigripper can be supplied as a standard module system or can be custom-built and delivered to suit specific applications. It is ideal for palletizing operations.

Palletizing gripper systems

Romheld Automation also supplies the ABG-25/50 and FBG-25/50 palletizing bag grippers manufactured by SAS Automation. These adjustable-width bag grippers, available in 25kg and 50kg payloads, are suitable for palletizing plastic, woven cloth or paper bags. They can lift heavy bags off a roller conveyor while avoiding interference with the conveyor rollers.

These machines are made from heavy-duty stainless steel and are easily integrateable with any robot. They offer great flexibility; in less than 30 seconds, the ABG-25 bag width can be changed from 185mm to 450mm and the ABG-50 bag width can be changed from 170mm to 500mm. The FBG fixed-width models are adjustable in less than 4 minutes.

Custom-made gripper systems

Romheld Automation, in conjunction with world-renowned gripping system suppliers, can offer custom-made gripper systems to suit any application. We can provide grippers for robotic and other automated systems as well as manual grippers and end-of-hook solutions for lifting and overhead handling applications.

Custom-made gripper systems are available from SAS Automation, Schunk, Tunkers and Unigripper.

Romheld can also provide a complete turnkey gripper service in partnership with its suppliers. We can arrange for the design, manufacture and supply of a complete gripper system ready to ‘bolt-on’ and ‘plug-in’ to your robot or other automated system.

Magnetic grab head grippers

Magnetic grab head grippers from Goudsmit Magnetics hold steel objects in an unshakeable grip. Once a Goudsmit magnetic grab head gripper has been switched on, it never lets go, even if the air pressure drops or if there is a power cut.

These magnets are meant for picking up or gripping stamped or perforated steel objects, punched steel materials, or wire mesh parts. They are ideal for transportation operations in automatic production lines, press-to-press transfers, and robot ‘pick and place’ systems.

Quick connectors for gasses and fluids

WEH quick connectors can be used on internal and external threads, bores, straight, flared and serrated tubes, hose ends and valves. They provide a fast and leak-free connection without screwing. Various models are available, including those with actuation via push/pull sleeves, hand lever, push button or pilot operated for use in fully automated processes.

WEH quick connectors are mainly used for filling, decanting, pressure, leak and function testing, and can be used with most gasses and fluids.