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Totally Integrated Automation for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

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Bags of sugar on a production line

Siemens provides concepts for food and beverage producers in their endeavours to extend optimise and modernise their manufacturing operations.

Due to its long experience in sub segments such as beverages, dairy products, sugar, bakery and confectionary, consumer packaged goods, edible oils or tobacco, Siemens understands the requirements of their customers. This level of in-depth expertise lays the foundation for the plant-wide automation concept based on a comprehensive range of products and systems (totally integrated automation).

Siemens drives the technological progress of automation within the food and beverage industry based on the unique and holistic know how of the industry in order to make customers permanently more successful.

System-wide automation for food and beverage manufacturers

Siemens has decades of experience in the food and beverage industry and is in close contact with leading end customers, OEMs and system integrators. The result: A deep understanding of all food production processes and derived from this the know-how to implement the horizontal and vertical plant-wide automation based on the totally integrated automation system for food and beverage customers.

From the reception of raw materials to the output of finished goods and from the shop floor-up to the MES level.

Support for drive and automation tasks in food processing

Siemens is the supplier for the food and beverage industry, with the widest and most complete spectrum of first-class, just as innovative as proven products, solutions and services worldwide, which covers the complete product development and production process and accomplishes all drive and automation tasks.

This allows our partners as well as the food producers themselves to build a bridge between virtual planning and the real world and therefore across all phases from planning to plant construction, operation to modernisation.

Totally integrated automation

With totally integrated automation Siemens delivers a unique and open system architecture worldwide for plantwide automation, which also has a high relevance for the food and beverage industry.

TIA manages to lay the foundation for optimising and modernising production processes economically, to lower costs, to fulfil regulatory specifications, saving energy or increasing productivity, efficiency and flexibility. Based on our know-how in the food and beverage industry and the product and system features of totally integrated automation (TIA), Siemens concept of plantwide automation allows the horizontal integration of all plant components along the value chain for an energy-efficient and cost-optimised production over the entire lifecycle.

Global presence

Siemens is active around the globe with production and manufacturing facilities as well as branch offices. So Siemens is everywhere where food and beverage enterprises produce their products, knows the regional conditions and regulations as well as the industry-specifics.

Resource efficiency and sustainability

As a leading technology group worldwide Siemens is conscious of the responsibility in regard of the global mega-trends and acts appropriately responsible. For Siemens future topics such as energy efficiency and sustainable dealing with resources are of central importance, which is reflected in the comprehensive portfolio. The food and beverage industry profits from this extensively.

Product portfolio

We have the broadest offering of products, systems and solutions for the F&B market: automation systems, drives and motion control Systems), sensors & communication, process instrumentation, MES (Simatic IT, Unilab, Interspec), process engineering tools (Comos), water and wastewater treatment, energy management (b-data, WinCC-powerrate), low / middle and high-voltage components, building automation, plant design and maintenance (PLM / NX), customer service and financial services.

White Papers

  • Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) for Mondelez International

    Mondelez International is one of the largest food companies in the world. Together with Mondelez Österreich, Siemens has developed a standard for the development of an end-to-end IT integration model for chocolate mass production that can be used in numerous plants, and has been implementing the concept step by step since 2009.

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