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Commercial Electricity Installation and Maintenance

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Vast Electrical provides installation and maintenance services for electrical systems in food industry facilities and turnkey commercial projects.
The company works closely with construction professionals to ensure high-quality work is completed to meet client requirements.
With more than 20 years’ experience, Vast Electrical carries out work such as structured cabling and fibre optics for companies in Melbourne, Australia.

Better service and smarter solutions for food industry facilities

Vast Electrical organises construction work for the installation of smart electrical solutions in commercial projects.
Working with facilities ranging from apartments to offices and supermarkets, the company is equipped to quickly deliver high-performance wiring. Its highly experienced electricians create efficient, cost-effective structures that are completed according to schedule. This efficient delivery provides a return-on-investment (ROI).
Vast Electrical’s electricians are licensed and accredited to Australian standards. The company also holds EcoSmart qualifications, demonstrating its focus on health and safety management.

Commercial cabling and lighting services for retail and supermarkets

Vast Electrical creates optimised retail spaces that integrate smart electrical technology. The company delivers a wide range of commercial electrical services for projects of all sizes. It has worked on some of Melbourne’s most intricate developments.
The company understands the complexities involved in turnkey electrical installations, including the addition of switchboards, power and lighting, as well as the modification of existing infrastructure.
Vast Electrical’s cabling service provides installations for systems such as CCTV, access panels, free-to-air and Foxtel cables, sub-circuit wiring to key equipment, and National Broadband Network connections.
Vast electrical employs certified electricians to implement high-quality indoor / outdoor structures such as car park lamps, automatic control systems and emergency lighting.

Electrical maintenance of food plants

Vast Electrical carries out preventative and scheduled maintenance for food production facilities and commercial buildings such as supermarkets. This reduces plant downtime and ensures systems are operating at peak efficiency.
Its team of electricians are available for repairs or on a regular basis as part of a maintenance schedule, which identifies potential issues before they have a negative impact.
If an issue is encountered that has no clear source, Vast Electrical uses thermographic imaging to identify problems in hidden circuitry.  This saves renovation costs in cases where a simpler solution would fix the issue.

Food processing appliance installations

Vast Electrical offers a custom appliance solution for commercial electrical projects. These include special-purpose power outlets and sensor systems for recording temperature or lighting data. Each space is built-for-purpose to offer a higher quality service.
Vast Electrical’s work meets the safety requirements of the Australian electrical industry standards. The company’s projects are inspected by third-party assessment agencies, which report on the safety performance of any electrical infrastructure installed by Vast Electrical Services.

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