Apple Food Systems' head office in Hull

Apple Food Systems is a leading supplier of flowable food depositing, processing, and injection production equipment for cakes and snacks.

The company designs, manufactures, and installs a diverse range of depositing equipment to cover most customer requirements in the food industry.

In addition, Apple Food Systems supplies multi-head depositors for the fast food and ready meal sector, as well as transfer pumps, automated cake lines, and decorating equipment. Its bespoke food processing machines are designed to implement both the latest technological advances with traditional values, which helps the company continue to be a leading supplier worldwide.

Pneumatically operated depositor for food production

The MR900 series depositor is a pneumatically operated depositor with outstanding ability and high-accuracy. With a proven track record of more than 30 years, it is one of the most versatile in Apple Food System’s standard depositing range.

MR900 can either be used as a manual standalone unit on a work table or an automated process production line. This machine provides an accurate depositing weight range of 20g-1,250g, at more than 60 cycles per minute.

With lubrication-free pneumatic components, the MR900 is sturdy and requires minimal maintenance throughout the most demanding conditions.

High-speed, multi-head depositor for ready meals, desserts, and bakery products

The RBB300 high-speed multi-head depositor is designed for ready meals, bakery products, and desserts. It is capable of producing 250 products or more per minute from the one integrated system, which is easily installed and includes a control cabinet. The machine can be installed on a client’s existing continuous moving or indexing conveyor within their own premises.

With an intelligent sensor array, the RBB300 makes less mess and waste. It does not use hoses, which can be unhygienic and can cause air ingress or compaction. Its fittings are also directly coupled, meaning there is nowhere for stray filling to hide. In addition, using volumetric metering above the depositing outlet means this machine provides accurate depositing weights.

The RBB300 features an Allan Bradley touchscreen for complete control of all adjustable parameters.

Depositing and injection systems for production of muffins, cake bars, and cupcakes

Apple Food Systems has a strong reputation for supplying high-quality production equipment for muffins, cupcakes, and cake bars. The complete production process can be catered for with the company’s wide range of equipment.

The Multi-head CDE150 Series Servo drive depositing unit is capable of depositing any type of batter, including mixes with chunks such as cherries, blueberries, or chocolate chips. The machine offers the same level of accuracy over its full weight range.

Doughnut injection systems for more than 50,000 products per hour

From 30 per minute to 850 per minute or whatever suits your requirements, Apple Food Systems’ machines can inject fillings such as jellies, custard, and chocolate cream into all types of doughnuts. With a superior accuracy of +/- 0.2g based on a 12g inject weight and a one in 10,000 miss rate, the machines sort cooled doughnuts in any presentation into multi-lanes ready for injection.

Conveyors for industrial food production

Apple Food Systems manufactures an extensive range of bespoke stainless steel conveyors for food industry production, spanning wire-mesh, slat band, roller chain, flat-belt, palletised and poly-cord varieties to meet specific customer demands.

Consistently high standards are met throughout the range and all systems are compatible with modern product handling systems, operated as a standalone or integrated into an automated production line.