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Moisture Control for the Food and Beverage Industry

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Moisture control and humidity changes

For 50 years, Bry-Air has been working with its clients to solve moisture control and humidity challenges, specializing in food and beverage applications such as meat, poultry, seafood, confections, baked goods, dry powder, beverage production and the related processing, packaging and storage of such products.


Bry-Air’s dehumidifiers precisely control environmental conditions by independently controlling temperature and humidity levels, eliminating condensation and other moisture related problems such as moisture regain into products and packaging, mold/fungus control, moisture control in pneumatic conveying operations, spray drying, product drying, coating lines, etc.
If you have an area that needs to be controlled, Bry-Air can control it. The use of our systems dramatically reduces sanitation cycle time, prevents and removes frost and ice from cold storage/freezer areas and spiral freezers, and prevents moisture and therefore frost or moisture regain in packaging, keeping products fresh and ready for the consumer to enjoy.

Moisture control systems

At Bry-Air we partner with you to understand your needs and develop a solution that you can count on. Solve your moisture control challenges today by contacting Bry-Air to experience 50 years of knowledge applied working with you to provide the best environmental control solution on the market today.
Bry-Air offers a wide range of products to provide a guaranteed solution. We approach your moisture control challenges as a partner also concerned for your budget, both at a project level as well as in terms of the long-term maintenance and operational expenses of the system.

Managing temperature and humidity in food facilities

From smoke houses to freezers, Bry-Air has the proper solution to help you manage the temperature and humidity in your facility. Want more reasons to work with Bry-Air? Simply talk to one of our thousands of satisfied customers, including Armour-Eckrich & John Morrell Food Group, Butterball, Britannia, Cadbury, Coca-Cola, ConAgra, Cooks Ham, Crider Poultry, Dabur, Farm Catch Catfish, Kellogg’s, Knorr, Kraft Foods, Nestle, OSI Group, Patrick Cudahy Inc., Perfetti, Reliance, Rose Packing, Smithfield Foods, Tyson, TATA and Unilever, just to name a few.

Desiccant dehumidification systems

Bry-Air invented the desiccant dehumidification system as it was the first to apply silica gel media into an air handling system to create a desiccant dehumidifier. Since 1964 Bry-Air has been a pioneer in the field of environmental control and today we offer a wide range of products, from low-cost systems for small dry storage, cold rooms and chambers, lab areas and research kitchens, to the largest systems available in the market today.
With our patented product, the BrySmart™ energy management system, and our unmatched expertise in applying dehumidification systems, our products can save more than 40% annual operating cost vs. traditional desiccant dehumidification systems.
If you want lower reactivation energy usage, better grain depression, reduced post-cooling costs and lower first costs, consider using our EcoPurge™ desiccant dehumidification system, another Bry-Air innovation.
Contact Bry-Air today to experience the Bry-Air difference and take advantage of the experience that comes with the originator and innovator that is Bry-Air.

Global support for moisture control challenges

All of our products are carefully manufactured to fit your needs by our team of experienced craftsmen in manufacturing locations around the world. Manufacturing and sales/service locations around the world allow you, our customer, to experience Bry-Air and its unsurpassed customer service and commitment no matter where your project is located in the world.
Seamless support globally means ease of doing business, one of our key goals when working with our customers. If you have a condensation, moisture control or humidity issue in your facility, choose Bry-Air as your partner in solving your air and moisture control challenges. Experience the Bry-Air difference and contact us today; let us show you what you have been missing in your environmental control partner.

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  • Bry-Air Celebrates 50th Anniversary

    In half a century, Bry-Air, founded in 1964 by Art Harms, a former Bryant Sales Representative, has grown from a small product line in a rented warehouse in New Jersey to a major force in the global desiccant dehumidification market

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