Cutting tools food processing industry

CAMB Knives International provides a range of cutting tools for the food processing industry.

Stainless steel, plain and circular knives for the food industry

CAMB Knives offers various blade equipment, such as circular, bottom, toothed, straight, carpet, tobacco and confectionery.
The company specialises in tray form, razor, shear, guillotine and granulator-style cutting equipment, as well as anvils.
Stainless steel, plain, dished top and circular knives are available for the poultry processing industry, and can be supplied in up to 800mm and as small as 5mm in diameter.

Granulator knives and products for poultry processing machines

CAMB Knives specialises in granulator knives, which is popular for regrinding in the UK.
The company manufactures and stocks various products for food processing machines, including Stork, Meyn, Systemate, Linco, KFC and Biro.

Customisable spined razor equipment

CAMB Knives provides Stanley-type fitment blades, slitters, single and double-edge, as well as steel spined razor equipment. The company also produces a range of straight knives, which can be customised from 5mm to 1.5m long.
These measurements may vary from single bevel, plain edge, zigzag edged packaging knives and anvils.
CAMB’s blades can be created using stainless steel and advanced powder-based ASP steel. Straight-toothed blades are available for packaging machines such as Vegatronic, Sandiacre, heat seal products and automatic bagging and packaging equipment.
Toothed knives and tray form blades are produced from high-grade stainless steel strip.
These products are suitable for Collimatic, Cosmapa, Ilpra, Linfresh, Mondini, Nutech, Osgood, Pro-Seal Raque, Regal, Ross, Stork and Sealtech machines. CAMB’s products can be manufactured to meet clients’ exact requirements.

Regrind and re-sharpening service

A complete regrind and re-sharpening service is available for circular, straight, toothed and special knives that increase product lifespan and efficiency of the machine.
Circular, plain, saw or scallop-edge knives can be sharpened and reground from 40mm to 350mm diameter. Special knives can also be sharpened for the poultry, agricultural and foods sectors, as well as vent drills.

About CAMB Knives

CAMB Knives has supplied razor blades to the food processing industry since 1989 and maintains a working relationship with the world’s largest blade manufacturers.
Knives are supplied directly to end users, original equipment manufacturers, machine builders and overseas agents in more than 12 countries worldwide.