Cereal Puffing Systems

CEREX services the breakfast cereal industry and the snack food industry by providing cereal puffing systems, rotary cookers, high brix coating systems and impingement ovens. CEREX also offers consulting and engineering services for breakfast cereal technologies.

CEREX systems and equipment conform to all worldwide food industry standards and codes.

Single puffing and double puffing systems for cereals

Our high-output single puffing systems and double puffing systems have been setting the benchmark for puffed cereals since 1998, considerably outperforming any type of puffing gun. First-time cereal puffing becomes a quiet, sanitary, effective and reliable process.

Cereal puffing systems with reactor puffing technology

Compared with gun puffing systems CEREX proprietary reactor puffing technology is quiet, clean, automatic and reliable.

With the large unit capacity of 350kg/hr or 700kg/hr (basis: puffed wheat with a bulk density of ~70kg/m³) and a yield of up to 95% it is the first and only choice for high-capacity installations. For large-scale operations the latest design has a record 1,400kg/hr capacity.

Our cereal puffing systems operate 24/7 in an industrial environment. With 40% decreased energy input against guns, and readiness for operation of 98%, without an operator the production costs for puffed cereals are kept to the absolute minimum.

The production parameters can be adjusted to allow items, pellets and seeds to be puffed for all-new applications and products.

Rotary cookers for cornflakes and cooked cereals

CEREX’s rotary cooker is approved for cornflakes and all other cooked cereals. It shows a singular level of controlled processing by introducing ‘cooking by temperature’. Direct steam injection into the cooked product improves the cooking result and productivity, and delivers significant energy savings.

Our rotary cooker injects steam controllably from below into the product and not into the cooker’s head space, which is the usual method. The cooking process is conducted by the true product temperature and not by the pressure inside the cooker barrel; only temperature is the relevant parameter for an excellent result. The process works with less added water and energy, and prevents agglomeration and build-ups.

The rotary cooker is 100% self-emptying with granular materials. Frequent cleaning stops are obsolete, and productivity rises by 20% or more. The heart of the rotary cooker is a sophisticated PLC control system which simplifies even complex cooking procedures.

Together with the automatic dead-spot-free lid, fully automatic cooker plants can be realised. A number of individual options are offered, to improve safety and performance.

Automatic lid for rotary cookers

The new rotary cooker lid avoids manual handling and heavy lifting. It makes work safer, because the operator is kept away from hot surfaces and steam breakouts. Contrary to a slide valve its internal side is flush to the cooker barrel and there are no product build-ups.

High brix coating technology for cereal puffs and spherical products

The high brix coating technology, a true high 98 brix coating, is designed to sugar-coat spherical cereals of the highest quality. The result is a low-hygroscopic, large and glossy grain without the addition of expensive processing aids.

The sophisticated high brix coating technology is developed to improve the appearance of final product. Due to a process of preparing and applying 98 brix coating syrup, the final product does not shrink and receives the nice, glossy surface that consumers appreciate.

Any reasonable coating ratio can be archived in one step only. The production costs are lowered by the absence of processing aids and decreased demand for cleaning.

Impingement ovens

Our new impingement ovens feature sanitary design, compactness and a fully integrated air recirculation and filtration system, which makes them ‘plug and play’.

CEREX impingement ovens are designed for today’s demands: compactness and sanitation. They can be used as cereal toaster ovens and as cereal dryers. The demand for external equipment is reduced to an off gas line. Accessibility to all surfaces for cleaning is a major advantage. This product line is under development; individual design requests are welcome.

Breakfast cereal plant engineering

Experienced in practical cereals production, CEREX offers the full range of know-how to the cereal industry. We command all kinds of cereals production technologies. Our capabilities range from small feasibility studies to the set-up of a complete cereals factory. We can service you independently of a hardware supplier.