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Industrial Machines and Processing Lines for Vegetable and Potato Processing

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Dofra Foodtec, located in The Netherlands, develops and builds machines and complete processing lines for the processing of vegetables and potatoes. Dofra’s innovative machines are appreciated by many industrial vegetable processors, caterers and large kitchen customers worldwide, as well as by farmers that want to add value to their produce by pre-processing it.

For over 50 years Dofra has been developing ingenious machines for the agro industry. When required, our machines are constantly adapted and redesigned to new functional and hygienic market requirements using the latest available technology. This has led to a leading position as co-developer and machinery supplier for many trend-setters in the fresh food market that share the same view on innovative market approach.

For the various steps in vegetable and potato processing, such as washing, sorting, peeling or polishing, inspection, specific cutting, cooling, drying and weighing, Dofra Foodtec can provide various machines with various processing capacities.

Onion processing machines

Dofra Foodtec is most known by onion processors for its patented revolutionary machine design with super magnets, which was launched in 2010 at the United Fresh exhibition in the US. In the ‘magnetic onion peeler’, springs and belts of the conventional onion peeler were replaced by a system of super magnets, leading to a hygienic and maintenance-free onion peeler with a higher yield.

Next to the popular onion peeler, Dofra Foodtec provides machines for the controlled infeed of onions such as gentle bin fillers, box tippers and infeed bunkers, and machines for slicing onions into whole and segmented onion rings, as well as machines for onion dices, wedges and other shapes. For inspection, cooling, weighing and waste transportation there is a wide choice of available Dofra machinery.

Leading onion processors, as well as many onion growers worldwide, use Dofra Foodtec onion processing machines and lines.

Processing machines for potatoes and bulb products

For the processing of potatoes Dofra Foodtec has a wide range of machinery available, from washing, sorting and destining for various volumes, to abrasive peeling and polishing and knife peeling. The washed/brushed or peeled potato can be further processed by Dofra’s machines to segmented potato parts, French fries, potato dices or slices. Even customer-specific potato shapes can be cut.

Dofra Foodtec machines differ from other processing machines in many ways. Details in design such as a large drum diameter with special peeling knives, or automatic potato centring before segmenting, give an improved yield or a higher consumer value.

Dofra Foodtec, as member of EHEDG, also pays special attention to the hygienic design of machines and the ease of cleaning.

Carrot processing machines

Although the greens are edible, the majority of consumers prefer to eat only the root of the carrot. For processing carrots to the edible stage, Dofra Foodtec can provide various machines for washing, sorting, top and tailing, segmenting, peeling and polishing.

Dofra Foodtec’s revolver drum polisher is ideal for polishing baby carrots. The polishing drums have a space between the rollers of just 2mm, allowing very tiny carrots to be polished.

Carrot juliennes tiny to medium to large, carrot sticks, cubes, rings and halved rings are easily processed by Dofra’s multipurpose vegetable cutter, which can be used in a catering mode or an industrial mode.

Multipurpose vegetable cutter

For catering, large kitchens and for industrial processors Dofra Foodtec provides innovative machines for the washing of leafy products, diced and sliced produce and other vegetables.

Dofra Foodtec’s multipurpose vegetable cutter is used for making juliennes, French fries, slices and dices of cucumbers, cabbages, tomatoes, red beets, carrots, potatoes, onions, etc. Due to its many different purposes for many vegetables it is very popular for catering companies and large kitchen processors. For its large processing capacity, unique cutting abilities and sharp long-life knives, the machine is very popular among industrial processors, especially processors of onions, bell peppers and potatoes.

Custom build solutions for vegetable and fruit processing lines

What is already common among caterers and large kitchen processors is now increasingly applied by industrial processors: a multipurpose use of machines and complete production lines for the processing of various vegetables over one processing line.

Dofra Foodtec has broad international experience in designing machines and processing lines that can be used for different produce.

In close cooperation with the processor, Dofra Foodtec has developed several innovative special-purpose machines for new, or less common processing. One example of these machines is a knife peeler for large volume peeling of yucca/cassava. Other specific machines are a radish top and tailer, a shashlik cutter for bell pepper and onions, and an onion ring slicer for onion rings from 1mm to 20mm thick.

For a large fruit processor Dofra developed a machine that slices and halves orange and lemon rings at the same time.

White Papers

  • Magnetic Driven Onion Peeler

    Dofra has applied a technology using permanent super magnetism, eliminating the use of wires, tubes, belts and springs, resulting in a machine running with frictionless components, tremendously reducing maintenance costs.

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