Industrial stainless & Design (ISD) is a custom design and manufacturing company that manufactures stainless-steel equipment for the food processing and food handling industries. ISD has had over 40 years’ hands-on experience in the manufacture of equipment for the food industry, building specialised machinery for plants through out New Zealand, Australia, Europe, the US and Pacific Islands.

ISD’s experience in the industry enables the company to work with plant engineers and operators to propose solutions or designs of specialised equipment to suit the customer’s needs.

Stainless-steel food processing equipment

ISD produces effective and revolutionary products using a combination of standard and innovative design methods. ISD uses Auto Desk 2D and 3D computer packages to design the concept and produce manufacturing drawings for projects undertaken.

ISD operates from a modern engineering shop in the port area of Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand. Its highly skilled team of certified tradesmen is experienced in meeting the exacting standards and tolerances required for the machinery being manufactured.

Apart from the manufacture of plant and machinery for the food industry ISD also services the local building industry with the manufacture of stainless-steel benches, handrails and balustrades, etc., as well as supply cut tube, bar and sheet to the local market.

Specialist equipment for food processing and food handling

With the tradition of design and build to exacting standards, ISD continues to develop specialised equipment for use in food processing and food handling. ISD provides a wide range of specialised equipment for food processing, including:

  • Casein sizing mills
  • Curd mincers
  • Rotosieve rotary sieve wet sieves for removing fines from liquids
  • Rotosifter rotary dry powder sifter
  • General and cheese vats
  • Cheese tables
  • Tankage
  • Vapour barriers
  • Honey extraction equipment
  • Conveyor lines

Rotosieve rotary sieve and Rotosifter rotary dry powder sifter

ISD’s Rotosieve and Rotosifter have been successfully exported to the US and have FDA approval for use in the food industry in the US. Their unique rear-mounted bearing housing eliminates the front bearing, which means that changing the auger and screen is a quick and simple operation.

The screen assembly is spring tensioned for optimal screen tension and performance; a single centre rotating bolt holds the screen assembly in place. There are four models available to suit most applications.

Particle sizing mills

Particle sizing mills are used extensively in the production of casein and other food products processing whole particles that have to be sized to a smaller size; for example, for drying. Evenly sized particles speed up the drying process allowing considerable energy savings. ISD has three models available to suit most applications and can be customised to suit most products.

In line liquid sizing mills

In line liquid sizing mills are used for sizing particles in a liquid stream, and also used extensively in the manufacture of casein. They can be customised to suit most applications. The in line liquid sizing mill has a capacity to process up to 50cb/hr.

Vapour barriers

Vapour barriers are manufactured to suit most ducts up to 2m in diameter, used where moisture is to be contained in other parts of an air duct system (for example, in the manufacture of milk powder).

ISD has over the years developed an extensive range of plant and developed adaptations to enable plant to be used on a wider range of products than originally designed.