Based in Australia and New Zealand, J L Lennard is a leading distributor of complete solutions from global brands for food processing and packaging machinery, offering expert service and total customer support.
In addition to complete solutions, the family owned business has been providing entire lifecycle support, including commissioning, spare parts, preventative maintenance and overhauls for more than 140 years.
J L Lennard represents many of the world’s finest food processing and packaging manufacturers, each one a market leader in its field.

Accurate product inspection with X-ray, metal detection and weighing equipment

Anritsu designs high-quality detection and inspection equipment for the food processing and packaging industry. The range includes:

  • X-ray technology for quality inspection and contaminant detection
  • Metal detection of ferrous and nonferrous metals, including metals in aluminium packaging
  • Weighing for quantitative inspection, missing product detection and grading
  • Automatic combination weighers for single-type and mixed weighing
  • Production and quality management systems for comprehensive production management and traceability

With easy set-ups and clear visual display screens, Anritsu equipment delivers high-speed and accurate product inspections and is capable of quick product changes.

High shear mixers and versatile food processing equipment

Silverson Machines is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high shear mixers, also specialising in powder and liquid mixers, sanitary mixers and disintegrators / dissolvers. The company’s equipment is used in a wide variety of food mixing and homogenising applications, including dairy products, sauces, dressings, oils, beverages and pet foods.
Stephan Machinery’s Stephan Universal Machines are renowned for their versatility. They can easily handle most tasks required in the production of processed cheese, convenience products and confectionery, ranging from mixing, chopping, emulsifying and vacuum deaerating to heating and cooling.

High-accuracy filling equipment for semi and fully automatic operations

All-Fill’s fully and semi-automatic auger fillers ensure the easy handling of all food processing applications. Available with a wide variety of standard and custom accessories, the augers can deliver doses of product into a variety of packaging containers, guaranteeing a typical volumetric fill accuracy of + / – 1%.
Hunter Filling Systems manufactures customised filling solutions for the accurate dispensing of viscous products such as butter, yoghurt, dips, jams, sauces, dressings, spreads, juices and cordials. J L Lennard supplies both volumetric and gravimetric fillers, which can be setup to run in semi or fully automatic operations.
With over 70 years of experience in industrial weighing technology, Multipond’s success is based on the high quality and excellent technical standard of their weighing systems. The company’s multihead weighers have been designed for the precision dosing of pasta, cereal, frozen food, dried fruit and nuts, confectionery, meat and frozen food.

Horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal machines and other versatile packaging machinery

Bossar has consolidated its position as a leading manufacturer of horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) packaging machines for sachets and pouches, ideal for applications such as powder beverages, baby food, yoghurt, soups and spices. Its BMS range offers the only complete full servo series to the market, providing advantages such as reduced maintenance, higher production, fewer operators and increased energy efficiency.
Fawema provides a large range of automatic bag packing machines for the packaging of flour, sugar, cereals and pet food into pre-made bags. Bundling and collating machines for wrapping multi-packs of filled bags are also available.
Fuji Machinery manufactures versatile flow wrapping machines equipped to pack a wide variety of food products, including confectionery, meat, dairy, bakery, ready meals, beans and powders. J L Lennard supplies Fuji’s lines of horizontal pillow packaging machines, vertical pillow packaging machines, case packers and cartoning machines.
Rovema was founded with the development of a horizontal form-fill-seal machine for spaghetti packaging. Another innovation followed when Rovema designed the first vertical form-fill-seal machine with film draw-down belts on the forming tube. The company now has an expansive range of bagging machines, case packers, tray packers, cartoning machines and weighers, all available through J L Lennard.
Toyo Jidoki (TYJ) manufactures pouch filling and sealing equipment for stand-up and flat applications. It provides retort packaging systems and high-speed, stable sealing systems for various liquid, solid and powder food applications.

Cartoning, sleeving and case packaging machinery from top-class brands

Established in 1939, CAM Packaging was the first Italian designer of automatic carton packaging machines. CAM now offers a wide range of vertical and horizontal cartoners and case packers, as well as tray forming, overwrapping and bundling machines.
Freemantle provides market-leading cartoning and sleeving solutions, from simple manually operated machines through to high-speed fully automatic systems. Its range comprises of two-flap sealers with hot melt glue, end-load cartoners with tuck or glue capacity, pre-glued sleevers or wrap around pre-glued sleevers.
Tronrud Engineering delivers secondary packaging and end-of-line solutions and provides customised, innovative and flexible machines. Its range consists of case erectors, packing and sealing machines, wraparound packers, tray erectors and lidders.