Kontrols & Industrial Weighing (KIW) provides a wide range of instruments, machinery and components for use in the food industry, including load cells, check weighers, metal detectors, silos and tank weighing systems, and filling machines.

Hygienic load cells

The PR6202 range of hygienic load cells is designed to meet the demands of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. They are made from stainless steel and are specially designed for use with process vessels. The materials and surface quality have been selected to ensure that these hygienic load cells meet international standards and specifications.

Precision compression load cells

The PR 6201 range of precision compression load cells is designed for weighing silos, tanks and process vessels. The height and shape of the load cell remain unchanged, even after two decades of use. In addition, the unit has a high overload capacity of up to 200%.

PR 6201 precision compression load cells are easy to install and resistant against vibrations, and have a full stainless-steel housing, wide temperature range and high overload capacity.

Compact compression load cells

The PR 6211 range of compact compression load cells is particularly compact, so it can be used in even the most restricted spaces. This range of compact compression load cells offers unmatched reliability, robustness and stability, which enable trouble-free operation without adjustment, year after year.

Compression s-type load cells

The PR 6241 range of compression s-type load cells is designed for weighing small and medium-sized process vessels and for high-precision dosing. The load cell is manufactured entirely from stainless steel. PR 6241 compression s-type load cells are easy to install and feature easy corner adjustment by matched load cell outputs, a wide temperature range, and vibration resistance.

Aluminium and stainless-steel check weighers

KIW’s aluminium and stainless-steel check weighers are used to integrate scales into process control and automated systems. They have an optional fieldbus interface and smart calibration, and offer high accuracy (3,000e, class l), three inputs, three outputs, and analogue output with 4mA-20mA current.

Metal detectors for the food industry

KIW’s economic metal detectors for the food industry have a stainless-steel housing that meets hygiene requirements according to HACCP. They offer maximum sensitivity towards all kinds of metal for different products.

KIW’s Premium metal detector and rejection system reliably search out metal particles and sort out contaminated products. Automatic self-monitoring and quality assurance routines ensure uninterrupted functional reliability.

The gravity-type metal detector is suitable for all kinds of powder material, raw meal and flour. Detection sensitivity is based on passing test pieces through a search head.

KIW’s fine small-type metal detector is designed to handle small packages, instant food, frozen processed food and agricultural product.

Silos and tank weighing systems

KIW’s services include calibration, service agreements, installation and commissioning of all silos and tank weighing systems. We provide 24/7 service support.

Calibration of all types of vessels and silos can be carried out while full or empty. Vessel and silo calibration is traceable to AS/NZS standards. The work is carried out by KIW’s experienced field service team, and a calibration certification is issued on-site during the visit.

Liquid filling systems and volumetric filling machines

KIW can provide manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic liquid filling systems that can achieve speeds of up to 120 bottles/min, depending on the size of bottle. KIW’s filling machines can fill a wide range of products and can handle volumes from 5ml to 10l.

The GemiFill C-Model is a fully automatic filling installation that is easy to operate and offers a very short installation / start-up time. It is suitable for plastic and metal cans up to 20l (larger volumes on request).

The GemiFill S-Model is a volumetric filling machine with a filling volume of 125ml-40l. It is easy to operate, with high accuracy and reproduceability. This machine offers fast change to a different fill volume by means of five pre-set filling volumes.