Kizui produces enhanced packaging lines and a comprehensive range of products for the food processing industry, including confectionery manufacturers.

Flow wrappers for the food processing industry

Kizui offers flow wrappers, including the C-Series with good synchronisation between bag length and its end seal for bakery and confectionery manufacturers.

The C-Series includes a twin-motor drive and is suitable for sweets, biscuits, breads and other solid products in a centre seal pillow pack.

Loading tables for packaging lines

Flow wrapper machines have a stainless steel loading table installed.

Operators load products between the in-feed chain pushers for standard type or directly on the film for the inverted type.

The film reel is loaded onto a clamping device, which maintains its alignment before and after reel change. Synchronised reel and film advance rollers eliminate the possibility of overfeeding or underfeeding film.

The end seal system that includes a knife with an anvil on crimp jaws is synchronised with an in-feed to prevent products from being caught.

Both systems are controlled by PLC and inverter for high performance.

Flow wrappers feature safety guards and a jam detection sensor that detects product jam and film residue on the end seal to stop the machine going out of sync.

Kizui’s C-Series is easy-to-maintain with its structural stability and rigid chassis, which was designed for a higher speed.

Multi-head combination weighers for packet filling

Kizui specialises in multi-head combination weighers such as the UW, which has signal handling and programme protection settings.

The UW20, UW14 and UW10 are combination weighers designed for filling snacks, tea, rice, nuts, sweets and granular products measured by net weight.

Combination weighers operate at a cycle speed of up to 150 per minute. Products are fed by a fastback horizontal motion, z-bucket or incline conveyor to the top of the in-feed.

Trays load the product from the centre in-feed to staging buckets, followed by other buckets where the weight is determined and recorded.

Processing systems for targeted weighing

Kizui’s central processing system calculates which group of buckets can be combined to produce the closest match to the targeted package weight. Buckets are discharged to complete the filling process.

The company provides a dimpled plate model for the UW to fill frozen products and pet food.

Larger products are available for users to enable weighing of bulky products or to fill higher volumes.