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Fish Gutting and Filleting Machines

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Kroma works within the fish industry, where our gutting and filleting machines are sold throughout the world.
We are known for designing and producing machines for primary processing of fish, especially high-quality gutting and filleting machines. We can deliver stand-alone machines or a complete turnkey project, with all the necessary machines and installations for a successful fish production.
We can process different types of fish, including trout, salmon, mackerel, seabream, seabass, tilapia, carp, etc.

Fish gutting machinery

No matter which Gutmaster machine you choose, your production will be characterised by efficiency, reduced costs, and uniform gutting.
The new range of gutting machines are divided into Gutmaster 750, Gutmaster 1200, Gutmaster 3000 and Gutmaster 8000, which can process on different sizes and types of fish. The Gutmaster 8000 is especially designed for gentle processing of salmon and sea trout, while the Gutmaster 750 is suitable for minor productions wanting a quick, quality, uniform gutting of the fish.

High-speed fish de-scaling

With Scalemaster 1500 from Kroma it is possible to de-scale fish at speeds of up to 80 fish a minute. The de-scaling is done by rotating brushes that are driven by hydraulic motors. The speed of the machine can be adjusted by using the control panel on the front part of the machine. The brushes are spring-loaded so they will adjust to the individual fish that is being processed. All in all, a very flexible de-scaling machine which has very low water consumption.

De-heading and filleting machines for fish processing

Kroma’s Headmaster offers the perfect way to de-head your fish. By using a U cut, you will be sure to get the best possible yield of the fish.
With Kroma’s filleting machine, Filetmaster 180, you will find that filleting is very easy and simple. The machine is built in a way so it is easy to adjust and service. The Filetmaster 180 can filet individual fish into either single fillet or butterfly fillet with a very high capacity. The filleting machine can process trout, mackerel, seabass, seabream, tilapia and other similar fish species.
Kroma’s filleting machines can be combined with Kroma’s Headmaster or other head cutting machines.

Accurate fish preparation with minimum waste

All the Kroma machines are electronically controlled; the Gutmaster 1200 and models above measure all the fish that are processed through the machine. Depending on the measurement, the knives will be adjusted to the actual fish size. This close accuracy and minimum waste clearly produces better processing results.
Another advantage is that it is possible to process a larger range of fish through the machine than with traditional machines where the fish have to be sorted prior to gutting.

Fish gutting with manual roe removal

Kroma is specialised in gutting machines where it is possible to utilise all parts of the fish and not just the meat. An example is the Gutmaster 8000, which combines the highly automated process of opening the fish automatically and then removing the roe manually. In this way the roe is treated carefully and can be used for delicacies.

Vacuum waste removal for cleaning fish processing area

In a typical processing plant there is a lot of waste from all the processes. With the Kroma Clean system it is possible to remove the waste from the processing area without any use of forklifts, but by means of vacuum. The Kroma Clean system keeps the dirt away from the waste, so it is possible to utilise the waste for a number of purposes. The system is designed for the individual processing plant from Kroma design bricks, such as vacuum pump unites, waste containers, etc.

Fish processing turnkey solutions

Kroma supplies turnkey solutions with all the equipment in a fish processing facility. The systems are designed together with our suppliers so we can meet the requirement from our customers but also from the authorities who are going to approve the facility for HACCP certification and other kind of certifications. Before the project start up we can supply all the necessary drawings and feasibility studies to verify that the project is profitable.

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    In order to start gutting the fish, most machines must be graded into specific weight groups and all knives must be adjusted for each group individually.

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