Metromotion provides design, procurement, installation and commissioning services for food and beverage processing, filling and packaging projects.

Project management and technical services

Customised project management services are tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. Both small and large projects can be delivered from concept to completion, efficiently and economically, while minimising disruption to production.

Dairy products and fruit and flavour addition for the food industry

Metromotion specialises in process design of complex high-viscosity dairy products, including butter, cream, yoghurt, cottage cheese and ice-cream.

Downstream flavour and particulate addition, filling, packaging, in tub incubation and blast cooling solutions required to complete the manufacturing system are fully integrated into process design.

Ready meals and retort pasteurising

Metromotion designs and delivers cook/pack/chill, cook/pack/freeze, and cook/pack/pasteurise processes for complete meal lines and components in the food service, retail, airline, and not-for-profit sectors.

The company applies the high level of hygienic design required by the fresh dairy industry to the manufacturing of ready meals.

Coating and bagging for snack food projects

Building on experience gained from the ready meal sector, Metromotion has successfully delivered snack food projects integrating mixing, cooking, forming, extruding, frying and baking processes with downstream coating, buffering, bagging, flow wrapping, boxing and palletising systems.

Chocolate processing, high boil, wrapping and packing

Extensive in-house experience supports design and delivery of confectionery process systems, including chocolate making and moulding, bar lines, panning lines, assortments, high boil, hollow and starch moulding, as well as jelly cooking.

The process team is supported by a packaging team with expertise in assortment wrapping, flow wrapping, vertical bagging, block wrapping, carton packing and palletising.

Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging systems

For more than 20 years, the company has designed packaging systems for the dairy, confectionery, ready meal and snack food industries.

Whether a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging system is required, Metromotion has an extensive portfolio from which to draw information and ideas.

3D modelling and animation allows optimisation of layouts, throughput and allows clients to walk through their plant to identify issues and optimise the plant in the design phase, avoiding expensive changes during construction.

About Metromotion

Metromotion stays up-to-date with industry innovation, tracks market trends and participates in trade shows.

The company manages an extensive in-house database to assist with developing new products, sourcing suitable equipment, devising processes and creating new packaging formats.

Metromotion has two offices located in Melbourne and Brisbane, each providing a full range of design and project management services.