Natec Network is an international group specialising in the development and engineering of food cooking and filling systems for a range of production lines.
Companies that make up the group include Hochland Natec and Gold Peg International.
The group is particularly specialised in machinery for the processed cheese industry. By combining cooking equipment such as Gold Peg’s RotaTherm or FreeTherm with filling equipment such as Natec’s FreeSlice or FreePack, a high-performance cheese production line can be implemented.
Due to the versatility and control delivered by the equipment, Natec Network’s food processing machines are also chosen for the production of soups, sauces, dressings, meat products, baby food and pet food.

Direct steam injection continuous cooker for food processing applications

Gold Peg’s RotaTherm® is a unique single-stage continuous cooking system that can be used for the optimal cooking and processing of a wide variety of pumpable products, including processed cheese, sauces, purees, baby food, dips, pie fillers, taco meat, desserts, chicken stock, defatting, rendering and pet food.
The continuous cooker is one of the most versatile and efficient food cookers on the market, ensuring optimal productivity for a range of production lines.
RotaTherm® offers precise direct steam injected heating to temperatures of 100°C and higher to UHT temperatures, all within a completely enclosed hygienic system. Desired temperatures can be achieved within 15 to 20 seconds and maintained for thoroughly effective heat treatment.
The high-temperature short-time system is extremely effective in maximising yield, preserving nutrients and ensuring the highest quality.
The machine can offer up to 156 hours of continuous production, as well as offering easy adjustments and accurate control.
Each RotaTherm® is provided with a CIP system to clean the equipment on the few occasions necessary.

Multifunctional batch cooker for small production volumes

The Gold Peg FreeTherm is a multifunctional batch cooker for all types of processed and pasta filata cheese products, as well as sauces, purees, mashed potato, baby food, meat, pet food and more.
It has a hygienic design, incorporates an integrated vacuum system for trapped air elimination and can accommodate multiple automatic programmes and processes. It is also able to connect to additional components such as a shear pump for spreadable cheese production.
Ingredients will be mixed by two augers which have speed and direction adjustments. The FreeTherm’s multiple, unique steam nozzles will heat the mixture to a maximum temperature of 98°C, which will then be reduced by the integrated vacuum unit.
All processed product will then be transferred into an insulated buffer tank before delivery to downstream systems.

Direct steam injection for sensitive pasta filata products

Gold Peg’s GPiCS Mozzarella-Pasta Filata Cooker Stretcher is a bespoke, patented direct steam injection cooking system designed to handle the sensitive nature of specific cheese products such as mozzarella and pasta filata.
The mozzarella / pasta filata cooker stretcher offers all of the benefits of Gold Peg’s other direct steam injection systems, including precise temperature control, all while reducing the strain on sensitive cheese products through low-pressure steam injection.
No bath cooker water is used in the system, eliminating the expensive and non-environmentally friendly need to reprocess the water before its reuse or disposal.

Continuous operating method for individually wrapped cheese slices (IWS)

Natec’s FreePack machine is designed for the secure wrapping and sealing of IWS with environmentally friendly, recyclable polypropylene (PP) foil.
It incorporates a hot-fill system to eliminate contamination risks and an integrated cooling circuit for temperature control. The machine produces uniformly weighted IWS, which are stacked in precise piles to ensure minimal manual processing.

Production equipment for slice-on-slice (SOS) cheese

Natec’s new FreeSlice has been offered as a replacement for the existing chill-roll system used for SOS production.
There are a number of advantages to using FreeSlice. It allows for easy pausing and restarting, enables the easy connection of additional components, offers adjustable slice thickness and includes a cooling unit.

About Natec Network

For many years, IWS and SOS manufacturers have chosen Gold Peg for their cooking equipment and Hochland Natec for their filling. The Natec Network is a natural, official progression of this message from the market, enabling complete IWS and SOS production lines to be available from one group, with the slogan of delivering ‘success generating food technology’.
Natec Network’s key working principle is ‘bench-breaking engineering’ or ‘benchineering’. This includes a seven-stage process that guides the group’s clients towards their optimum value creation, beginning with potentialising, conceptualising and planning all in accordance with client’s unique needs. The process then continues to the manufacturing and commissioning of the equipment, before ending with the efficient and reliable support that Natec Network provides.
This support includes the prompt fixing of any malfunctions both remotely and on-site from three strategically located global sites. Meanwhile, preventative servicing, spare parts delivery and any necessary refitting or modernisation is just the beginning.
The extensive knowledge and background on product formulations, yield maximisation strategies and process optimisation provide the perfect accompaniment to Natec Network’s equipment portfolio.
From start-up firms to multinational companies, Natec Network’s unique range of processing and filling equipment is able to create value for your business. No matter what stage you are at or whether you require equipment for a few hundred kg/h or 17,000 kg/h, we have the food processing solutions to support and evolve with you.
We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our knowledge. Please use the form to get in touch.