NPAC International is a one-stop solution provider that specialises in food processing, engineering, and packaging materials.

Food retort sterilisation services

The company aims for high food production and reduced wastage through creative process engineering and advanced packaging solutions.

NPAC was the first company in Singapore to introduce oxygen absorbers for modified atmosphere packaging, which is widely used in the country’s food packaging industry.

The company specialises in food retort sterilisation of army combat rations in Singapore and has more than 15 years of experience.

NPAC caters to a range of food production needs, including inception, planning, design, technical innovation, installation, commissioning and after sales support.

Machinery for the food processing industry

NPAC has successfully designed, installed and commissioned single machines and entire production lines from cooking to packaging, for:

  • Mooncake manufacturing and automation
  • Custard cake, desserts, pudding and mini-cup jelly production
  • Various sauce cooking systems such as soy sauce
  • Ready-to-eat meal systems
  • Army retort pouch (combat rations) facilities
  • Fresh and instant (fried/non-fried) noodle production lines

Food packaging materials

Different kinds of food require varied packaging for protection and longer shelf-life.

NPAC provides packaging materials, including barrier and non-barrier food trays, films for confectionary, snacks and ready-to-eat meals, and retortable pouches.

The company also provides barrier film and oxygen absorber for long shelf life mooncake, fresh meat and packaging for fresh vegetables.

Premium ready meals for the aviation industry

The conventional way of processing aircraft meals is the blast chill concept, which requires a large amount of energy for cooling, storing and transporting.

Airline companies are limited in the foods they can provide due to restricted resources, so they depend on what the destination’s central kitchen can provide.

NPAC has created a unique process, as well as special food trays that can withstand the high pressures and temperatures of retort sterilisation at 121°C – 125°C for up to 45 minutes.

The trays can undergo the re-heating process with the seal still intact so there is no need to poke holes in the packaging for better presentation and food safety.

Special food trays preserve the freshness, taste, texture and aroma of the food without using any preservatives, while being stored in an ambient environment.

NPAC Air Craft ready-to-heat and serve meals offer premium, natural and extended shelf-life entrées or meals, and have been implemented by several budget airlines.

The meals have a longer shelf-life, can be stored at ambient temperatures and minimise food waste through the reloading of excess food back onto the plane.

NPAC provides more economical meals than conventional chilled or frozen options, as chilled trucks are not required for transportation and chilled rooms are not required for storage.