Optima’s consumer division offers everything to make dosing, filling and packaging easier, safer and more efficient. We build machines to suit each requirement, from budget-priced start-up lines to complex machines with integrated automation technology for linkage to production processes.

Machine flexibility, high output, and product protection during the filling and packaging process of food, cosmetics and chemical products are the benefits of the machines from the consumer division of the Optima Group. Filling and dosing of often costly products must guarantee dosing precision without waste. Making this a standard is one of the group’s top priorities.

Filling and packaging systems for the food, chemical and cosmetics sectors

Optima Consumer encompasses several remarkable brands that offer filling and packaging solutions for the food, chemical and cosmetics sectors: Optima, Kugler, PPS, Amotek, Sierem and premium partner SF Vision. State-of-the-art technologies and synergies among the brands guarantee perfect packaging technology to our customers, both for stand-alone machines and complex lines.

Packaging machines for liquid and dry food products

For classical and innovative food products, and for large and single-serve packs, Optima Consumer is your partner for dosing, filling and packaging liquids and dry food products, including liquids of low and high viscosity, powders and granulates, and chunky and flaky products.

Regardless of whether a single semi-automated machine, a fully automated monoblock machine or a complete turnkey system is needed, Optima Consumer solutions are optimised to meet customer requirements.

Dosing and packaging equipment for liquid and dry chemicals

Each project is different. Optima Consumer’s dosing and packaging technologies achieve excellent and consistent results, and both leading machines and complete lines are available.

Dry and liquid chemical products require specific dosing equipment. Optima Consumer’s volumetric and gravimetric systems for dry products offer users a host of options: utmost product protection, outstanding output and optimum filling precision – the ideal solution includes and combines all aspects.

Filling and packaging equipment for cosmetics products

Manufacturers in the cosmetic industry place great emphasis on optimal flexibility of their investment goods. Optima Consumer’s brilliant technical filling and packaging solutions for liquids, viscous and powdery cosmetic products meet these needs.

Whether for round or square containers, spray pumps or screw caps, or small or large filling volumes – regardless of batch size or format changeover such as switching from liquid to viscous or powdery products – the MODULINE covers nearly all customer requirements.

Security for manufacturing and packaging processes for filtration products

Manufacturing air, water or dialysis filter products requires a broad range of diversified competences and processes, from functions for de-stacking and feeding-in containers and related components to precision-dosed filling, assembling, closing, coding and transfer into trays. Generally, the machines also feature a number of control functions, such as gravimetric or optical systems for monitoring, for example, weight or the sealing seam.

A technical partner for creative packaging projects

Optima Consumer gives room to innovations – packaging ideas have become an increasingly important aspect of the company’s business. Experience and know-how from countless packaging projects form the basis for creating unconventional packaging ideas. Presently, Optima Consumer is the innovation partner for a number of new packaging types such as Snapsil, CombiStick, SoftcanMaker / Cyclero® and functional closures.

As a rule, our groundbreaking innovations have generated well-established markets in the past. Particularly impressive examples implemented by Optima Consumer are coffee pads and pods. It shows that it is possible to generate a huge market from an idea, provided that its technology fulfils fastidious requirements.