Packmate is a diversified packaging technology company that strives to provide practical packaging solutions for its users all over the world. Packmate manufactures packaging machinery and equipment, and we are the local distributor for a number of world-class packaging machines and products. We’re the leader in packaging machine research and development throughout southern China.

Vertical form, fill and seal machines, and horizontal form, fill and seal machines

Packmate’s range of form, fill and seal (FFS) machines includes compacts such as Panther and Tiger, and medium and premium-size machines such as Mammoth. They combine state-of-the-art technology with a user-friendly control interface, offering excellent value for money. These FFS machines are ideal for packing food, medical, commodity and chemical materials.

Horizontal flow wrappers

Packmate supplies Cheetah horizontal flow wrappers, which are renowned for their dual frequency conversion control. Cheetah excels in one-step bag length with cutter adjustment. The advanced driving system provides simple, reliable and convenient use. Cheetah’s horizontal flow wrappers (available in standard or inverted types) are suitable for food, drugs, chemical, daily appliances and industrial parts packaging.

Filling, capping and sealing equipment

Packmate fillers and sealers offer superb quality, ease of use and great flexibility. The semi-automatic equipment can be expanded to fully automatic, either now or in the future, in order to meet a wide range of commercial needs. Examples of filling and sealing equipment that Packmate offers include:

  • Quantitative liquid filler
  • Pneumatic liquid and paste filler
  • Rotary container fill-seal machine
  • Linear container fill-seal machine
  • Tabletop type container sealing machine
  • Multi-lane container fill-seal machine
  • Semi-automatic Augur filling machine
  • Automatic powder filler

Vacuum packing machines

Packmate’s best-selling vacuum packing machines offer longer shelf life, improved product quality and optimal packaging up to HACCP standards. The HENKELMAN range of vacuum machines is suitable for granular, solid, powder and other types of materials.

Check weighers

Packmate’s check weigher satisfies consumer demand for quality control. The Eagle was launched with an advanced analog-to-digital sensor and simplified digital control interface to guard the final round of packaging. The Eagle checks and logs the weight of all packages and, when equipped with a rejecter, can remove unqualified packages.

Metal detector for food quality control

The Packmate Hawk series metal detector increases the safety of your quality control efforts and helps improve productivity. Hawk metal detectors are powered by multi-frequency detection techniques, which allow them to achieve higher capabilities. They detect metals such as iron and stainless steel, and are mainly used for food and pharmacy processing and packaging.

Food conveyors

The Z-bucket conveyor is a fully customizable vertical conveyor that saves space and protects materials being transferred. Incline conveyors have a modular design to allow complete customization, and a wide working temperature from -50ºC to 100ºC. They integrate seamlessly with other Packmate equipment. Augur conveyors are designed for transporting general and fine powder, such as milk powder, sugar, coffee, starch, additives, dextrose, etc.