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Processing Equipment Solutions for the Food Industry

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Propack manufactures a wide variety of processing equipment for the food industry such as slitters, spreaders, and ultrasonic guillotines.
With many years’ of experience, the company’s portfolio includes cold bar forming lines, slab formers, particulate feeders, compression rollers, and agitators, as well as peanut butter cream applicators, and caramel slab formers.
Propack’s experts react quickly to meet client requirements with high-quality solutions. The company has also developed a number of feeder units for applications including chocolate chip manufacture and dough production.

Slab forming equipment for food bar manufacturing

Propack’s high-quality slab forming machines are used for food bar manufacturing, drawing in product mix and forming it into a continuous slab.
The unit consists of a stainless-steel top and bottom roller with a hard chrome surface, which is able to process a wide range of textures and consistencies.
Its three Teflon-coated, stainless-steel scraper blades are durable and quickly provide even and accurate cuts.

Slitters for processing food slabs into ribbons

Propack’s slitter equipment make high-quality ribbons from a food slab. Complementing the slab forming machine range, the slitter units improve product presentation with their accurate cutting design.
The stainless-steel slitters also have quick changeover times for efficient delivery.

Spreaders for food ribbon processing

Propack’s spreaders are designed to efficiently take food ribbons from a slitter and spread them out to form gaps between the strands, accommodating the cutting process.
Fully manufactured in easy-to-clean stainless-steel, this machine has an adjustable feed speed so it can be optimised for different processing lines. Its Orange Volta belt is made from homogenous thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which also reduces cleaning costs and downtime.

High-quality guillotine cutting systems for food production

Propack’s traditional and pristine-cut ultrasonic guillotine systems utilise modern cutting technology to form precise and uniform shapes.
The machine is servo-driven, with an accurate frequency control and pneumatic auto-tracking for belts. It also has a D-motion profile and an adjustable anvil until the knife.

Parts, service, and support for food manufacturers

Propack’s team of experts help increase food manufacturers’ productivity and uptime with custom solutions as part of an extensive customer service package.
The team has been installing and supporting installations for more than 20 years, showing innovation in packaging, robotics, and engineering.
Propack’s solutions deliver:

  • Highly reliable machines with a long lifespan
  • Flexible and efficient production
  • User-friendly design
  • Customer service, from installation and training to after-sales support and spare parts

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