Operating from modern premises in Christchurch, Southern Engineering Solutions (SES) is a long-time provider to New Zealand’s highly developed food processing sector. But its reach extends further than just New Zealand, as it is also focused on markets throughout Australia and Asia. In short, SES is an industry leader, delivering innovative solutions in food processing, with a particular focus on boning rooms and equipment.

SES has a team of staff led by the company’s owner as the sales manager, who is personally driven by delivering excellence, quality and service to all customers. As an innovative supporter of the food processing industry, SES’s design skills, clarity of thinking and quality engineering have a direct bearing on the integrity of the food produced in factories throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Professional engineers and qualified technicians service the meat, dairy and processing industries, as well as general engineering and factory maintenance. Part of the reason for this diverse portfolio of skills lies in the sophisticated systems and machinery developed in New Zealand. These food processing systems are developed to maintain food integrity, so the quality of all SES’s work must be first class. It ensures this by concentrating all available technology on what it does.

SES places the utmost importance on providing top quality engineering solutions which have played their part in New Zealand developing world-leading expertise in food processing technology.

Boning rooms and equipment – from concept to manufacture

SES maximises the quality of its work by way of full design drawing software and constant research into new and innovative equipment.

SES’s dedicated design engineers constantly update products, ensuring the company stays at the forefront of a groundbreaking industry. SES can provide services from concept design through to manufacture, plus install and commission all its machinery and conveyance, and offers a comprehensive range of services from design, production, plant layout consultancy, 3D CAD modelling, prototyping and development through to fabrication, installation and maintenance.

Another vital skill and string in the company’s bow is as a specialist supplier to the food processing and related sectors; SES is especially experienced in stainless-steel fabrication.

Another aspect driving SES’s commitment to excellence is that the food ergonomics industry is production-intensive and has rigorous demands in food hygiene, employee health and safety compliance standards.

Fabrication according to hygiene and health standards

As SES works in industries with stringent health and safety standards, its sales and design team is fully trained in the hygiene and health and safety compliance requirements of such sectors and ensures that these are met or exceeded in every project. Once these rigorous standards are met, fabrication and installation is then undertaken by the experienced team of professional engineers and qualified technicians. The result of this project work is provided to a broad base of clients by SES, which places the utmost importance on providing top-quality engineering solutions.

Customer satisfaction is the primary focus and each project is undertaken with a consultative approach to ensure the clients’ needs are fully understood, options explored and solutions developed that will meet or exceed expectations.

Round Knife technology for clean and fast meat cutting

The Round Knife is not a saw but a knife, cutting tissue and bone clean, fast and cold. Band saws remove up to 20g of prime product to process a single sheep carcass and debris contaminates the cut area, reducing shelf life and detracting from product appearance. In addition, blade speed heats the meat and alters the flavour.

The Round Knife cuts clean because it produces no debris, is fast because of advanced cutting technology and cold because of the slow knife rotation speed. Round Knife technology provides the opportunity to realise the maximum value for processed meat products.

Conveyancing systems

The development of conveyancing technologies has markedly increased productivity in the product handling sector. Smart conveyancing system design reduces labour input, minimises operator fatigue, reduces repetitive strain injury and promotes a healthier and safer workplace environment.

SES has extensive experience in delivering conveyancing solutions to production-intensive industries. Installation may be timed to coincide with planned plant shutdowns where circumstances dictate. Each site has unique demands in terms of available footprint, configuration, product handling and integration needs. SES works closely with each client to develop customised solutions achieving the desired outcomes.

Medical research

The recent development of a two-tier gurney designed to hold two cadavers on rotating beds has been a breakthrough in New Zealand for medical and veterinary research and training facilities.

The two tables are easily rotated from upper level to lower level by means of a battery-operated drill.