Tecpro Australia offers a wide range of engineering solutions for the food industry, including wash down systems, spray drying nozzles, clean-in-place (CIP) tank cleaning systems, water filtration and treatment products, dust suppression, food coating and humidification systems.
Its products include spray nozzles, tank cleaning equipment, ergonomic spray guns, stainless-steel hose reels, fogging nozzles, foaming stations and steam water mixing valves.
The company utilises its extensive technical expertise to develop custom, hygienic and reliable solutions to address engineering challenges experienced by food manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Wash down and cleaning systems  for food processing companies

Tecpro Australia has more than 35 years’ experience with wash down equipment, including stainless steel hose reels, high and low-pressure trigger guns, foaming systems and spray bars for CIP cleaning in the food and beverage industries.
The company offers a range of off-the-shelf and custom-built solutions to improve hygiene and product quality, as well as increase workplace safety.
Through its European partners, Tecpro Australia has one of the largest ranges of wash down guns and hose nozzles in Australia, ensuring it can offer a suitable solution for each application.

Spray nozzles for a variety of applications

Tecpro is a supplier of nozzles with a comprehensive range of products, which can be used for humidification mixing, cleaning, spray drying, coating and drying applications.
The company’s nozzles can be used with high-impact rotating jet washers for tank cleaning and low-impact spray balls for tank flushing.
The firm’s nozzles are designed and manufactured by Italian company PNR, which has high-quality design capabilities, high attention to detail and precise manufacturing processes.
The nozzles can be supported by material certificates and Tecpro offers warranties so any issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently.
Tecpro works closely with its customers to meet their requirements. The firm has designed and tested custom solutions to a large range of applications in the food and beverage industries.

CIP filters, lances and tank cleaning for the food industry

Tecpro Australia’s CIP systems are used in a wide variety of applications in the food industry, including the production of dairy products, beverages, sauces and pharmaceuticals.
The company’s solutions ensure that internal surfaces of tanks and process vessels are cleaned to meet national regulatory requirements without the need for dismantling or entry into the vessel. This is achieved by using rotating tank-cleaning nozzles or fixed spray balls selected to suit each individual tank.
Tecpro’s CIP systems improve the reliability of cleaning processes and reduce costs related to downtime time and manual labour. They also decrease the risk of accidental re-contamination after cleaning and eliminate the need for cleaning staff to enter production tanks, which meets Occupational Safety and Health (OH&S) requirements.

About Tecpro

Founded in 1982, Tecpro Australia supplies a wide range of products made in Europe, including nozzles, hoses, retractable stainless-steel hose reels, washdown guns with swivel inlets, tank cleaning heads, valves, fittings and accessories.
The company’s technicians have a comprehensive knowledge of spray nozzles and it collaborates with high-quality suppliers worldwide to ensure its products are effective and reliable.
Tecopro is committed to building long-term relationships with its clients and suppliers based on high-quality customer service. Its partner brands include PNR, ilmap, Idrotech, Breconcherry and RAMEX.